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Fast Stepper Motor Library for Teensy boards
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TeensyStep V2 - Fast Stepper Library for PJRC Teensy boards

Please note: This is version 2 of the library. This version has a new user interface. The version 1 is still available in the branch Version-1.

Detailed Documentation can be found here

Purpose of the Library

TeensyStep is an efficient Arduino library compatible with Teensy 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.5 and 3.6. The library is able to handle synchronous and independent movement and continuous rotation of steppers with pulse rates of up to 300'000 steps per second. The following table shows a summary of the TeensyStep specification:

Description Specification Default
Motor speed / pulse rate 1 - 300'000 stp/s 800 stp/s
Acceleration 0 - 500'000 stp/s^2 2500 stp/s^2
Pull in speed 50-10'000 stp/s 100 stp/s
Synchronous movement of motors up to 10 -
Independent movement of motors 4 groups of 1 to 10 motors -
Settable step pulse polarity Active HIGH or LOW Active HIGH
Settable step pulse width 1-100µs 5µs
Settable direction signal polarity cw / ccw cw

Here a quick demonstration video showing two motors running in sync with 160'000 steps/sec


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