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lunikon committed Jul 6, 2011
1 parent 04e62b2 commit e57fa2bbfa02e7c9811d160bf31a0218552e4296
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@@ -4,5 +4,5 @@ ProjectLocale.add.success=Locale has been added to project.
File.create.success=New file successfully added. this project, a file by this name already exists.
File.master.reload.success=Master has been reloaded: {0} new keys added, {1} changed master values ({2} strings marked as pending), {3} keys removed ({4} strings deleted)
-File.writeOut.success=The files completed strings have been written to disk.
+File.writeOut.success=The file's completed strings have been written to disk.
File.language.reload.success=Language file has been loaded successfully.

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