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default linters for sublimelint
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This repository is a child of Sublime Lint and will be automatically installed.

NOTE: You may need to install the mentioned binaries and place them within your PATH for some linters to work.


  • AppleScript - NSAppleScript via PyObjC
  • C - validation via clang
  • C++ - validation via clang++
  • CSS - linting via csslint
  • CoffeeScript - validation via coffee --compile
  • Go - validation via go build in a temporary folder
  • HAML - checking via haml -c
  • HTML - linting via tidy
  • Java - linting via Eclipse command-line eclim
  • JavaScript - linting via JSLint command-line jsl
  • Lua - syntax checking via luac -p
  • NASM - validation via nasm and a temporary file
  • PHP - syntax checking via php -l
  • Perl - syntax+deprecation checking via perl -c
  • Python - linting via pyflakes
  • Puppet - parsing via puppet parser validate
  • Ruby - syntax checking via ruby -wc
  • XML - linting via xmllint
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