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contains two vague categories of code: utilities and snippets

  • utilities: clever single-file solutions

    • autostrace: creates strace logs for all matching processes
    • beamsync: disable BeamSync on OS X
    • binsplit: splits a file into pieces based on the output of binwalk
    • dimmer: allows you to dim/undim monitors on Windows using hotkeys
    • dumpmem: dump all mapped memory of a process on OS X
    • gateway: print a list of interfaces, IPs, and gateway IPs
    • gitslurp: download all repositories from a GitHub organization
    • hardlink: searches directories and suggests identical files to hardlink
    • jaraudit: checks your Java dependencies for CVEs
    • macbinary: extracts a .zip, preserving __MACOSX resource forks as MacBinary files
    • permute: builds chains of similar characters and permutes possible combinations
    • pidrun: run an executable with a specified PID
    • repl: create a repl by passing arguments to an existing command
    • retina: set unscaled resolution modes on a Retina MacBook
    • revmatch: find the closest matching upstream revisions for local vendored code
    • shotgun: quickly converts input to several formats
    • shotsum: run multiple checksums against input
    • sonosd: Sonos control daemon
    • tvsort: tries to automatically sort tv shows into an existing folder structure
    • vm: simplify managing and logging into a headless linux vmware instance
  • snippets: batteries not included

    • python
      • netreg: wrapper around samba's remote registry access
      • singleton: metaclass implementing Singleton classes
      • tailcall: decorator allowing tail recursion without hitting python's max recursion depth
      • threadpool: decorator capable of transparently threading calls to one or more functions, with the ability to store the return values for consumption.