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Pixel Perfect Frontend Tester

If you have an AngularJS App with UI Router, accessible on http://localhost:8100, you can use this tool to take a screenshot of every definied state and compare it with saved screenshots.

Wow, thats useful for pixel perfect frontend implementations! Juhu.

If you want to learn how it works, follow the instructions on my blog.


  1. create the folder screenshots/current and screenshots/reference
  2. run npm install
  3. install a selenium server manager npm install selenium-standalone@latest -g
  4. install a selenium server selenium-standalone install


  1. start the selenium server selenium-standalone start
  2. start the project you want to test, e.g. your ionic application ionic serve
  3. start the screenshot runner node run.js


  1. start the node server node index.js
  2. goto http://localhost:4040


If you like fast itterations and state of the art technologies to build a meanful application, come work with us.