Lunt is an asset pipeline and build system for games.
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Lunt is an asset pipeline and build system for games.

Lunt is an incremental, cross platform build system that allows you to compile asset data in managed code (i.e. C# or C++/CLI). The API for building components resemble the one that can be found in the XNA Content Pipeline or the MonoGame Content Processing framework, but unlike these two, the output file is not tied to a specific format, and the hosting model is interchangeable.

Some reasons to use Lunt:

  • Build engine not tied to a specific hosting provider or output format.
  • Supports incremental builds.
  • Easy to debug the build pipeline by creating a debug project and referencing the Lunt build engine assembly.
  • The ease of C++/CLI to call into native libraries, makes it really simple to use existing functionality such as Assimp or FreeType as part of the pipeline.


Both Lunt and Lake (Lunt Make) are available as NuGet packages.

PM> Install-Package Lunt
PM> Install-Package Lunt.Make


You can download the latest binaries here which contains the following:

  • Lake.exe
  • Lunt.dll
  • Lunt.xml

##CI Build Status

####TeamCity (.NET)

TeamCity CI Build Status

####TeamCity (Mono)

TeamCity CI Build Status

##Need more information?

For more information and examples of how to use Lunt, see the Wiki.