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Apprazor is an infrustructure app for performance tests. The problem it solves is that of discovering performance regressions when tests may be run on a number of machines, each with different performance characteristics.

How it works

  1. The test runner runs the performance test and sends the duration over to apprazor over http. The query contains the name of the test and host.
  2. Apprazor appraises the duration based on the historical data and sends the response containing either PASS of FAIL
  3. The test runner on the client fails the test according with the response from the server.

Apprazor provieds web interface to the test results, with pretty graphs.


It is a web application intended to be run on a local network. Does not use database.


needs ghc at least 6.8 (just get haskell platform really)

$ cabal update
$ cabal install
$ apprazor