Simple UIImage+PDF renderer category for iOS scalable assets
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UIImage+PDF provides a UIImage class category method to render a UIImage from any PDF stored in the application bundle. The motivation for this was to enable the easy use of scaleable vector assets in iOS apps.


Add the sources files in the UIImage+PDF sub folder to your project. Use the following line to import the necessary methods.

#import "UIImage+PDF.h"

Then simply call the UIImage class method as shown here:

UIImage *img = [ UIImage imageWithPDFNamed:@"YingYang.pdf" atSize:CGSizeMake( 40, 40 ) ];

An example project is included in this repository. The important code is in viewDidLoad: in UIImage_PDF_exampleViewController.m.

PDF file size

By default Adobe Illustrator saves exported PDFs very inefficiently. For best results, export in EPS format, load this into Preview and then save as a PDF. The included example file YingYang.pdf shrunk to 10% of its original size with this workflow.

Other vector graphics editors which natively use the OSX Quartz renderer, such as Sketch, will create much more compact PDFs.