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// Copyright © 2010-2016, Esko Luontola <>
// This software is released under the Apache License 2.0.
// The license text is at
package org.specsy.examples.scala
import org.specsy.scala.ScalaSpecsy
class PendingUntilFixedExampleSpec extends ScalaSpecsy {
"An acceptance test for an already implemented feature" >> {
// Test code...
"An acceptance test whose feature has not yet been implemented" >> AcceptanceTestHelpers.pendingUntilFixed {
// Test code which is still failing...
assert(false, "this feature is not implemented")
object AcceptanceTestHelpers {
// When this method is in a helper class, it's easy to find all pending tests
// by searching for all usages of this method with your IDE.
def pendingUntilFixed(closure: => Unit) {
try {
} catch {
case e: Throwable =>
System.err.println("This test is pending until fixed:")
return // test is pending
throw new AssertionError("This test would now pass. Remove the 'pendingUntilFixed' tag.")