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// NGTabBarController.h
// NGTabBarController
// Created by Tretter Matthias on 14.02.12.
// Copyright (c) 2012 NOUS Wissensmanagement GmbH. All rights reserved.
#import "NGTabBarControllerDelegate.h"
#import "NGTabBar.h"
#import "NGTabBarControllerAnimation.h"
#import "NGTabBarPosition.h"
#import "NGTabBarItem.h"
#import "UIViewController+NGTabBarItem.h"
#define kNGTabBarControllerKey @"kNGTabBarControllerKey"
/** NGTabBarController is a customized TabBar displayed on any side of the device */
@interface NGTabBarController : UIViewController <UINavigationControllerDelegate>
/** An array of the view controllers displayed by the tab bar */
@property (nonatomic, copy) NSArray *viewControllers;
/** The index of the view controller associated with the currently selected tab item. */
@property (nonatomic, assign) NSUInteger selectedIndex;
/** The view controller associated with the currently selected tab item. */
@property (nonatomic, unsafe_unretained) UIViewController *selectedViewController;
/** The tab bar controller’s delegate object. */
@property (nonatomic, unsafe_unretained) id<NGTabBarControllerDelegate> delegate;
/** The tableView used to display all tab bar elements */
@property (nonatomic, strong, readonly) NGTabBar *tabBar;
/** The postion of the tabBar on screen (top/left/bottom/right) */
@property (nonatomic, assign) NGTabBarPosition tabBarPosition;
/** The animation used when changing selected tabBarItem, default: none */
@property (nonatomic, assign) NGTabBarControllerAnimation animation;
/** The duration of the used animation, only taken into account when animation is different from none */
@property (nonatomic, assign) NSTimeInterval animationDuration;
@property (nonatomic, assign) BOOL tabBarHidden;
/** The designated initializer. */
- (id)initWithDelegate:(id<NGTabBarControllerDelegate>)delegate;
- (void)setTabBarHidden:(BOOL)tabBarHidden animated:(BOOL)animated;
- (void)selectTabAtIndex:(NSInteger)index;
- (void)configTabBar;