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A Popover Controller for Android Tablets. It's an easy solution to simulate an iOS UIPopoverController Base example 9patch image comes from :)

Showing a popover controller is as easy as this

//get root layout
RelativeLayout rootView = (RelativeLayout)findViewById(;

PopoverView popoverView = new PopoverView(this, R.layout.popover_showed_view);
popoverView.setContentSizeForViewInPopover(new Point(320, 340));
popoverView.showPopoverFromRectInViewGroup(rootView, PopoverView.getFrameForView(v), PopoverView.PopoverArrowDirectionAny, true);

You can set more things as well, such as the drawable arrows or the drawable background of the popover view, as well as the fade time It also has an interface to notice when the popover appears or dismiss.

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3