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Getting Started

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Lupin comes with a handy tool, The Lupin CLI. The installation guide for that can be found over at our website
Or you can simply copy this shell command and run it in your terminal:

curl -s | sh

The installation script is dead simple. It will create a directory inside your $HOME, called .lupin which will contain the binary for the Lupin CLI.

First Steps

cd inside your project, and make sure you have Lupin locally installed for that project.
If you don't have it installed, you can add this inside your shard.yml file:

    github: lupincr/lupin

After that, run shards to install the dependency.

Lupin CLI comes with a few handy built-in tools to get you started.

To generate a template, you can use:

lupin init

This will generate a simple that contains one simple task called first-step, which is a shell command.

To run this task, execute:

lupin run first-step

As you can see, it created a file called lupin-works.txt inside your project, meaning Lupin is working! 🎉

To get rid of that file, run:

rm lupin-works.txt

For information regarding how to create your custom tasks, head over to the next section!