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News Feed Example

Steps to Run Example:

Step 1: Create a virtual environment

I included a "requirements.txt" file that you can use to install all the dependencies for running the app.

NOTE: if you already have Django 1.9+ installed, you can probably skip this step.

Simply run:

$ virtualenv venv
$ source venv/bin/activate
$ cd news_feed
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Step 2: Run the Django app

I also included a very light weight Sqlite Database. No need to 'migrate' anything.

Go into the Django app and run:

$ python runserver

Step 3: Try out different URLs

There is NO authentication in this system, all you have to do is change the URL to see a different News Feed.

Here are the URLs you can try:

(http://localhost:8000/feed/christy/)[http://localhost:8000/feed/christy/] (http://localhost:8000/feed/bob/)[http://localhost:8000/feed/bob/] (http://localhost:8000/feed/dorthy/)[http://localhost:8000/feed/dorthy/]

There is also an Admin site that you can use to change the data:


To access the admin site:

Username: admin Password: adminadmin

Hope you find this valuable.