Added support for test/spec files #5

merged 3 commits into from Jun 30, 2012

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Also, helpers should refer to controller names instead of model names.

And, models have namespaces as well, so we add that in too. :)


Did you commit Rails.pyc (a binary file) by mistake?

@liuw Hmm, the original repo has this file committed so I didn't take it out.

@fredwu I don't think committing a byte-compiled binary file of any kind necessary or useful. A proper .gitignore should fix this issue. Also your commit also contains some style fixes. IMHO they should be in a separate commit.

Anyway, I'm not a Sublime Text user. If the maintainer has his special taste, just ignore my opinion.

@luqman luqman merged commit 56feb65 into luqman:master Jun 30, 2012
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