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A social coding/code sharing site oriented around small, reusable snippets
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Repository for unnamed code catalog project.

To get started:

First, install Python 2.x (current version as of this document is 2.7).

For Linux:

Install django and the django package south.  Debian packages 
python-django, python-django-south.  Also get python-pip, the package manager.  Then

% sudo pip install haystack
% sudo pip install whoosh

For Windows:

Note: Make sure you have C:\Python27 or wherever you downloaded it in your path environment variable!

Download the following python packages:
setuptools (

You can then download pip ( and then install the following packages (pip install <package>, after adding pip to your path):

(You can also install manually
After extracting each one, navigate to the extracted folder in a command prompt. Then
> python install)

django (
django-south (
django-haystack (
django whoosh (

This should install each package into your python home directory.


% cd catalog
% python syncdb
(creates a local sqlite database -- will ask you some questions)
% python migrate

(prepares database schema (we're doing this to make it easy to migrate schemas later))
% python runserver

You can also use the bat files:

Now the server will be running on port 8000.  So browse to:


And it will ask you for a new snippet.  Write a python function.  After you submit and
the description page comes up, click the little blue edit buttons to expand the description.

After you have some snippets,

% python rebuild_index

to build the search index, then search by browsing to:


To update the server to the most recent version of CodeCatalog from the repo:

Log into through PuTTY/SSH
User: ubuntu

% cd CodeCatalog
% hg fetch

If you changed the database schema:

% cd catalogserver
% ./ migrate

% sudo service apache2 reload


% ./

This script does everything above automatically.

To update the schema.xml:

% cd CodeCatalog/server-scripts
% sudo cp schema.xml /etc/solr/conf

% sudo service tomcat6 restart

% cd CodeCatalog/catalogserver
% python rebuild_index
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