Anonymous modules & duplicate module names #11

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afcowie commented Jan 19, 2013

So hothasktags doesn't seem to generate tags for with source files lacking module declarations. Is that deliberate?

I have a fair number of code snippets sitting around, and I just realized that I wasn't able to jump around within such files as I can in normal ones. Might be nice. Presumably I can attack that by dealing with the Nothing module name case when parsing, if you say it's ok to have a go at.

A related matter is that if you have files TheoreticalSnippet.hs and ExperimentalSnippet.hs both with

module Snippet where

then tags get generated for the first file but not the second. This would presumably be something to do with the Map being used. That might be a bit more involved to deal with, and I wanted to check with you that you weren't relying on the behaviour of keys being merged.


luqui commented Jan 22, 2013

I haven't dug into the code for a while, but I don't recall doing anything tricky. If you unionWith instead of union (or however it plays out) everything should be fine.

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