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Added a TODO file, documenting the brittleness of some of the current…

… implementation decisions.
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+The type infrastructure, eg. RootType and the Data classes, are only as
+portable as the Binary and Typeable instances. The latter in particular
+is not terribly portable (it is even brittle under some innocuous
+I can't think of any *provable* way to solve this, nor any fully
+distributed way. But a decent solution would be to add a member to
+class Data a where
+ desc :: DataDesc a
+ version :: String
+With the requirement that two types with the same version are serial
+compatible (versions should also be unique across types). Thus if you
+make a change to the Binary representation, you are responsible for
+updating the version.
+There are a couple challenges:
+* For existing modules, if we define version on their behalf, we will
+ have a hard time keeping up with updates. That is, the dependencies
+ of the package that defines these have to be pretty strict.
+* For new modules, making sure that there are no name collisions.
+There may be a better solution assuming an Udon package manager though
+(since we can reference modules and ranges of modules directly).
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