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A lazy specializing virtual machine for purely functional languages

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This is a codebase for experimenting with lazy specializing interpretation
strategies.  Currently implemented are:

    * Thyer's complete laziness semantics (sans memoization)
    * Bottom up beta substitution

To try it out, use, like so:

    % perl bubs 5

This runs the incredibly simple program 3*3 using the bubs (bottom up beta
substitution) interpreter at levels of interpretation from 0 to 5 (it is very
likely you will not be patient enough for this to finish).  So, for example, at
the 3rd level, it is running an interpreter running an interpreter running an
interpreter running 3*3.  

The other options are "thyer" and "ref".  "ref" is a simple embedding of HOAS
into Haskell, running (asymptotically) at the speed GHC would run this code.

Here you can see thyer kick the pants off the other two.
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