A Nokia-like Snake minigame for MS-DOS. The first 'big' thing I ever made, in late 2009.
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This is probably the first big thing I made in programming (having more than 1200 lines), in late 2009 (October if I remember). I think that it was a pretty good jog for someone with only three hexamesters of experience with any kind of programming :) having many options on the menu and extra modes and cheats.

I finished it in about a week and haven't modified anything since then. It still has some bugs if I remember, but I'm not going to touch on it anymore. Feel free to fork and make pull requests if you want, although I doubt anyone will be interested in Pascal nowadays.

=== Making it run ===

  • Download and compile it using Turbo Pascal 7.0 (I don't even have a copy of it anymore)
  • Set the console window size to 80x52.
  • Put fullscreen on.
  • Enjoy :)