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maintainer "John E. Vincent"
maintainer_email ""
license "Apache 2.0"
description "Installs Noah"
long_description, ''))
version "0.8.2"
recipe "noah::default", "Provides the Noah LWRP"
recipe "noah::server", "Installs the Noah server with self-contained Redis"
recipe "noah::client", "Uses search to find local Noah server for client settings"
recipe "noah::register", "Provides for self-registration of node in Noah"
%w{ debian ubuntu centos redhat fedora }.each do |os|
supports os
attribute "noah",
:display_name => "Noah Server Hash",
:description => "Hash of Noah Server Attributes",
:type => "hash"
attribute "noah/client",
:display_name => "Noah Client Hash",
:description => "Hash of Noah Client Attributes",
:type => "hash"
attribute "noah/server_role",
:display_name => "Server Role",
:description => "Role to use in search-based autodiscovery of a Noah server",
:default => "noah_server"
attribute "noah/redis_version",
:display_name => "Redis Version",
:description => "Version of Redis to use with Noah",
:default => "2.2.4"
attribute "noah/redis_port",
:display_name => "Redis Port",
:description => "Port number for Redis to bind",
:default => "6381"
attribute "noah/port",
:display_name => "Port",
:description => "Port number for Noah to bind",
:default => "5678"
attribute "noah/user",
:display_name => "User",
:description => "System account to run Noah",
:default => "noah"
attribute "noah/version",
:display_name => "Noah Version",
:description => "Version of Noah to install",
:default => "0.8.4"
attribute "noah/home",
:display_name => "Noah Home Directory",
:description => "Directory to install Noah. Redis data is stored here.",
:default => "/var/lib/noah"
attribute "noah/logdir",
:display_name => "Noah Log Directory",
:description => "Directory to use for Noah Logs",
:default => "/var/log/noah"
attribute "noah/client/timeout",
:display_name => "Noah Client Timeout",
:description => "Time to wait in connecting to Noah (in seconds)",
:default => "30"
attribute "noah/client/on_failure",
:display_name => "Noah Client Failure Response",
:description => "Client response to failure in connecting to Noah",
:default => ":fail"
attribute "noah/client/retry_interval",
:display_name => "Noah Client Retry Interval",
:description => "Number of times to retry connection before failing",
:default => "5"
attribute "noah/client/noah_host",
:display_name => "Noah Client Default Server",
:description => "Host to use as the Noah Server",
:default => "localhost"
attribute "noah/client/noah_port",
:display_name => "Noah Client Default Server Port",
:description => "Port to use for the default Noah Server",
:default => "5678"