Tags not work after deleting related value #20

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hershs commented Nov 12, 2012

The flow:

Crete two ephemerals "/mydata/eph1" and "/mydata/eph2":
PUT http://my_host:5678/ephemerals/mydata/eph1
PUT http://my_host:5678/ephemerals/mydata/eph2

relate it to tag "mytag":
PUT http://my_host:5678/ephemerals/mydata/eph1/tag
PUT http://my_host:5678/ephemerals/mydata/eph2/tag

Currently I can get all ephemerals by tag by:
GET http://my_host:5678/tags/mytag

Delete one of ephemerals by
DELETE http://my_host:5678/ephemerals/mydata/eph1

Now, when I try to get it by tag again I got error:
{"result":"failure","error_message":"undefined method `name' for nil:NilClass"}

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