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This is an example template for adding additional callback support to Noah as a distributable gem.

This gem is pointless without having Noah installed

Anatomy of a Noah callback plugin

In a nutshell, a class needs to do four things to be a valid Noah callback plugin:

  • mixin Noah::Agents::Base
  • define a URI-style prefix as a constant named PREFIX
  • define a class-level method called callback!

If you name your gem noah-agents-*, the Noah watcher daemon will automatically add your gem to a list of candidates to require.

Subclassing Noah::Agents::Base to your class will automatically register your PREFIX as a valid scheme for callbacks.

How registration happens

When you mixin Noah::Agents::Base the following occurs:

  • Noah::Watchers.register_agent is called with your class name (Noah::Agents::Dummy2 in this case)
  • the register_agent method adds your class to a class variable called @@agents

When the watcher daemon starts up, it creates an instance of Noah::Agent. Noah::Agent has a class variable called @@agents as well that is populated by calling Noah::Watchers.agents.

The instance of Noah::Agent brokers all requests to the actual callback endpoints. It automatically detects when new watchers are registered in Noah. Currently there does not exist a way to dynamically load NEW callback schemes. I'm working on that as well.

Notes on the work! method

The work! method will be passed two paramters - an endpoint and a message.

The endpoint is a url-style addreess where the prefix is the one your plugin declares. The message is currently a JSON dump of the state of an object in Noah.

Remember that a watcher agent does two things: defines which uri scheme it provides support for and sends messages to endpoints using that uri scheme. You should gracefully handle things like lookup failures or destination timeouts.

Currently, agents are required to be EventMachine-friendly (read: Don't block the reactor!). Looking at the actual callback! method for this gem:

def self.callback!(matches, message)"Sending message to: #{ep} for pattern: #{p}")
   logger.debug("message received: #{message}")

Iteration to your plugin is now handled automatically by the notify method in Noah::Agents::Base. By the time your plugin is sent a message, all filtering has been done. Your plugin should be able to trust that the endpoint passed is one that it can handle.

Additionally, there's no in-built support for reformatting messages. This is next on the plate as the whole point of making callbacks pluggable is that events can be custom formatted for the callback endpoint. For example, a rundeck:// endpoint might want to have no interest in the type of action performed on an object (create, update, delete) but instead only cares for the current value of that object. There's no reason to send the extranous information over.