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You often read about staging as a good practice (like from Martin Fowler). But in practice the recommendations you receive have little to do with staging, i.e. "staging areas" in Python setuptools.

Read my full article here:

Example Setup

  • Package repository: /var/webcode/{name-of-project}-{version}
  • Source distributions via python3 sdist
  • Two staging areas: staging and production
  • Two Vhosts with document roots to /var/webcode/{staging,production}

A deployment to either stage (ie. staging) would require the following steps:

  1. Build source distribution on development machine (or any other convenient platform)
  2. Upload the distribution into the package repository
  3. Build environment and install application into companion: projectA-0.4.tar.gz
  4. Create symbolic link to the stage's document root: rm staging && ln -s projectA-0.4 staging

That's it.