The Django-IDE is a web based IDE made with html5 and javascript to develop Django apps
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=========== Django-IDE

The Django-IDE is a web based IDE made with html5 and javascript Currently, the following features have been written and are working:

  • Local storage: When you open a file once, this is copied to browser local storage, so the next times you open this file, if it has not changed, it will open intantaneusly from browser storage instead of getting it from server.
  • Offline mode: When you lose your connection, as it uses the local storage to save data on your browser, you can continue working in the open files and the changes generated offline will be sent to the server the next time the ide detects a connection.
  • Sync changes: If you are editing a file and, at the same time, other person edits it, the ide notify you of these changes and proposes you to get external changes or override with yours
  • Resources filter
  • Source code color syntax
  • Source code formatting


  • From pypi:
$ pip install django-ide
  • From source:
$ python install


The django-ide has two settings that can be set in

  1. Add djide to your INSTALLED_APPS in your project: INSTALLED_APPS = ( 'djide',

  2. Include djide urls in your project: urlpatterns = patterns( (r'^djide/', include('djide.urls')),


$ python runserver

That's it, the last command should start a local server on port 8000, now you can open your browser and go to to edit your projects apps.