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Calorie Tracking Android Application written in Java
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Personal Project

What is it?

CalorEZ is a calorie tracking app with much more functionality than the name suggests. Whether you are a dedicated fitness guru that wants to optimize all their time and energy or an individual motivated to get into shape, CalorEZ will suit your needs. Functionality it provides consists of:

  • Graphing visuals (including charts and graphs)
  • Secure meal tracking
  • Automatic diet re-adjustment based on lifestyle and goals
  • Easy to navigate interface This app has the right tools to propel anyone to their fitness goals with realiability and comfort in the palm of their hands.

Why did I make it?

I love fitness and I revolve my very lifestyle in creating the best version of myself through constantly building my patience and caring for my health. However I've been through countless fitness apps but none were to my liking. Some were catered too much to a certain lifestyle and others just felt too cluttered and demanding. I knew the app I needed and preferred for myself but I just could not find it anywhere so I figured, why not make one myself? So that's what I did.

Who is it for?

Anyone. This app is easy enough to navigate and use whether you are a young-in in middle school, trying to impress the girls in your grade, or you're old..fashioned, and are not that savvy with technology these days. As for usage purpose, this app caters to all fitness lifestyles. There are options that you choose for either a comfortable and healthy lifestyle, determined body building lifestyle, or a tough fat-shaving lifestyle.

Is it done?

It is getting there but will need some time. I do appreciate your patience and I am excited for the day I can publish this app to the App Store for many to use

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