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% Pratul Kalia - curriculum vitae
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\title{Curriculum Vitae}
\address{House Number 622, Sector 19}{Faridabad, India}
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\cvlistitem{Pursuing a Bachelors degree in \textit{Computer Science Engineering} from Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak.}
\section{Technical skills}
{\textbf{Operating Systems}}{Linux, Mac OS X, Windows}
{\textbf{Programming Languages}}{C, PHP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Objective-C, Python}
{\textbf{Development Tools}}{emacs, gdb, git, cvs/svn, zsh/bash, \\Xcode, TextMate}
{\textbf{Frameworks}}{Drupal, WordPress, Cocoa (OS X)}
{\textbf{Software Packages}}{MySQL, SQLite, Adobe Photoshop, \LaTeX{}}
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\section{Work Experience and Positions}
\cventry{May 2009 -- Aug 2009}{Google Summer of Code 2009}{Student Contractor}{Google}{}{Developed an advanced Ajax based voting framework module for the Drupal project ( called Vote Up/Down (\_up\_down)}
\subsection{F/OSS Contributions}
\cventry{Sept 2009 -- present}{Goonj}{Founder Developer}{}{}{Working on an advanced open source music player/manager for Mac OS X.}
\cventry{Jun 2008 -- present}
{Drupal}{Developer and Contributor}{}{}
{Member of the Site Administrators team.
\\Member of the Documentation team.
\\Fixing and patching certain issues of the Core repository.
\\Maintenance of 2 modules in the Contributions repository (\href{htp://}{Cumulus} and \href{}{Vote Up/Down}).}
\cventry{Feb 2007 -- present}
{Ubuntu India}{Forum Administrator}{}{}
{Setup, hosting and administration of the forum.}
\subsection{Voluntary Work}
\cventry{Mar 2009}{Genesis 2009}{Developer}{College cultural festival}{}
{Developed and partly designed the portal in Drupal 6.}
\cventry{Aug 2008}{}{Developer}{One of India's largest unconferences}{}
{Implemented the website and required features using Drupal 6.}
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{\textbf{Vote Up/Down} -- {\small\_up\_down}
\\A Drupal module, Allows Ajax based voting on different Drupal objects like nodes, comments, taxonomy terms etc. Supports custom widget themes. Supports adding more voteable objects using code.\\
{\textbf{Cumulus} -- {\small}
\\A Drupal module, that was ported from the WP-Cumulus extension for WordPress. It allows you to display a website's tags or taxonomies using Flash, that rotates them beautifully in 3D. Works like a regular tag cloud, but is more visually exciting.\\
{\textbf{Almost Monokai} -- {\small}
\\A color theme for GNU Emacs and Apple Xcode, inspired from the Monokai TextMate theme.\\
\subsection{College and School}
{\textbf{Goonj} -- {\small}
\\An advanced open source music player/manager for Mac OS X.
\\Submitted as the final year (7th \& 8th semester) project.\\
\\A small ASP.NET web application written using the ASP.NET MVC framework and C\#. Converts long URLs into short ones, that the user can easily remember. Short URLs get HTTP redirected to longer ones automatically.
\\Submitted as the 6th semester project.\\
\\A basic text editor written in Python using the Tcl/Tk GUI library.
\\Submitted as the 4th semester project.\\
{\textbf{Nursing Home Automation System}
\\An automation and data management system for nursing homes, written in Visual Basic 6 and an Oracle 9i database backend.
\\Submitted as the school (class 12th) project.\\
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\section{Talks and Travels}
\cventry{Feb 2010}{Starting Your Own Open Source Project}{FOSSkriti '10, IIT Kanpur}{}{}
{A talk on how and when to start your own open source project, looking for alternatives, version control, issue tracking etc.}
\cventry{Jan 2010}{Version Control with Git}{OSScamp Delhi}{}{}
{Demo on the power and use of revision control, using the Git distributed version control system.}
\cventry{Mar 2009}{Delhi Drupal Meetup}{with LUG -- IIT Delhi}{}{}
{Helped organize the event, gave a demo of module development.}
\cventry{Mar 2009}{The Power of GNU Emacs}{OSScamp Delhi}{(with Prateek Saxena)}{}
{An introductory talk and demo about the GNU emacs editor, and its continuing relevance.}
\cventry{Feb 2009}{Drupal 7 Hackfest}{FOSSkriti '09, IIT Kanpur}{(with Gurpartap Singh)}{}
{A demo to Drupal module development, accompanied with a hands-on workshop on setup, code \& the latest Drupal version, 7.}
\cventry{Sept 2008}{Demoing Drupal Module Development}{OSScamp Delhi}{}{}
{A demo on how to develop your own Drupal module.}
\cventry{Jun 2008}{Comparing Linux Distributions}{OSScamp Delhi}{}{}
{A discussion comparing the features and specific uses of different Linux distributions, like Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, Fedora, Damn Small Linux and Red Hat.}
\cventry{Sept 2007}{Drupal CMS: half an hour super guide for newbies}{OSScamp Delhi}{}{}
{A basic introduction to the power and flexibility of Drupal, not including development.\\}
\cventry{Sept 2009}{DrupalCon Paris}{on scholarship}{Cité Universitaire, Paris}{}
{Was the only developer from India to get a full scholarship (travel + accommodation) to attend and interact with other developers at \href{}{DrupalCon Paris}, the official bi-annual Drupal community conference.}
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\cventry{Dec 2008}{The Intrepid Ibex Awaits Your Command}{Linux For You magazine}{}{}
{An article on the technical review of Ubuntu 8.10, code named ``Intrepid Ibex''}
\cventry{Nov 2008}{Unconferences For The Win}{Linux For You magazine}{}{}
{An article on the concept of unconferences and their growing popularity.}
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\section{Interests and Hobbies}
\cvlistitem{An avid reader on technology, fiction and non-fiction books and websites, some of my favorite authors being Douglas Adams \& J.R.R. Tolkein.}
\cvlistitem{Hobbyist photographer --}
\cvlistitem{I play the drums and have participated in various inter-college events. I listen to a wide variety of music, ranging from Indian classical to metal.}
\cvlistitem{I believe open source is a significantly better software development model, compared to the traditional ones. I've helped organize OSScamp Delhi a lot of times. I helped initiate and organize the Delhi Drupal Meetup, held in March 2009.}
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