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Participatory Budget demo site
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Site OpenPB


This site is an effort of City of Paris to provide a website to help other cities to get their own participatory budgeting process.

It is based on Lutece open source portal, and mainly uses the following Lutece plugins :

This demo will allow you to :

  • Access the homepage of the PB demo site

  • Add news and display it on the homepage

  • Sign in / sign up from the front-office (via mylutece-database)

  • Submit a proposal from the front-office

  • Search and view every submitted proposals

  • Creating a new submitted project from the back-office

  • Search and view every submitted projects

  • Vote for your preferred projects

  • Add information about winner project realization in back-office

  • Search and view winner projects and their level of realization


To do

Build the image

After you clone the git repository, please verify the proxy parameters in the Dockerfile.

docker build -t site-demo-openpb .

Launch the server

docker run -p 80:8080 site-demo-openpb

Connect to the server to see the service


Back office management


Connect to the back office with login/pwd : admin/adminadmin

Launch SOLR indexing

To see proposals and projects into search pages, you have to index each documents :

  • Go to back-office
  • Go to "System > SOLR indexing"
  • Click on "Start indexing" button to launch the indexing process

Business configuration

Participary budget functionalities are provided depending on the dates of the current phase. You have to modify these dates to access some features, by accessing the ManageIdeationCampagnes back-office page .

Submit a proposal

A proposal is an idea submitted by a citizen during the ideation process.

To get the "Submit your proposal" menu on the homepage navbar, you need to change 'IDEATION' dates so the phase become active. Keep in mind you have to sign in to submit a proposal.

Submit a project

A "project"-named object is a project which can be submitted to vote. These projects are based on one or more proposals, and built by the city municipality (and eventualy with the citizens). If more than one proposals drive to a project, these proposals must be grouped in a new proposal, and this proposal must be linked with the project (so one project is always linked to one proposal).

To get the "Submitted proposals" menu on the homepage navbar, you need to change 'SUBMIT' dates so the phase become active.


To get the "Let's go to the vote !" menu on the homepage navbar, you need to change 'VOTE' dates so the phase become active. Keep in mind you have to sign in to vote.

Winner projects

To do

New about projects realization

The entry "Current realization" of the menu does not depend on the current campaign, so it is always available.

Project Information

Issue Tracking : this is a link to the issue management system for this project. Issues (bugs, features, change requests) can be created and queried using this link.

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