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Etherpad lite is a really-real time collaborative editor spawned from the Hell fire of Etherpad. We're reusing the well tested Etherpad easysync library to make it really realtime. Etherpad Lite is based on node.js what makes it much leigther and more stable than the original Etherpad. Our hope is that this will encourage more users to install a realtime collaborative editor. A smaller and well documented codebase makes it easier for developers to improve the code

Why use Etherpad Lite?

  • Tiny server hardware footprint
  • Pure Javascript client and server side
  • No nasty dependancies
  • Simplfied interface
  • Easy to embed
  • Well documented
  • Better support for third party editors

What isn't available YET when compared to Etherpad?

  • Timeslider
  • Import/Export
  • Clear authorship colours
  • Upload files
  • View Saved revisions
  • Chat
  • Pad management
  • User management
  • Plugin framework


  1. download latest node.js version from http://nodejs.org/ and build it with this instructions https://github.com/joyent/node/wiki/Installation. THE NODE.JS VERSION OF YOUR LINUX REPOSITORY MAY BE TOO OLD. PLEASE COMPILE FROM THE SOURCE TO GET SURE YOU HAVE THE LATEST VERSION.
  2. install npm [curl http://npmjs.org/install.sh | sh]
  3. install socket.io [npm install socket.io]


  1. cd bin
  2. ./run.sh
  3. Open your web browser and visit http://IPSERVER:9001


Look at the TODO list at https://github.com/Pita/etherpad-lite/wiki/TODO. You can get in touch via petermartischka-at-googlemail.com . A mailinglist/irc channel will follow later.


  1. cd bin
  2. ./runDebug.sh
  3. Open your webkit browser and visit http://IPSERVER:8080


Apache License v2 http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.html