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User documentation


To use Mergin plugin, you will need to:

Once, you have installed the plugin, a new provider will appear in your QGIS Browser panel.

Note 1: that there is no menu entry or toolbar icons for Mergin plugin. The only method to interact with the service is through the QGIS Browser panel.

Note 2: You may need to restart your QGIS to see Mergin in your QGIS browser panel after the installation.

To be able to view Mergin projects, we need to sign in:

  1. In the browser panel, right-click on Mergin
  2. Select Configure
  3. A new window will appear:
  • For URL: type
  • For Username: type your Mergin username
  • For Password: type your Mergin password
  • Click Test Connection and it should show OK.
  1. Click OK

To view the list of your projects, click on the arrow to the right of Mergin in your QGIS browser panel.

Using Mergin plugin

The following functionalities are available from Mergin plugin:

Create a new project

You can start a new project by right-clicking on Mergin from the browser panel and selecting Create new project:

  • Type a name for Project name
  • Selecting Public will make your project available to all Mergin users
  • Project Directory will be the folder where your project and associated layers reside

Download a project

To download a project:

  • Right-click on the project under Mergin, from the browser panel
  • Select Download
  • A new window will appear to set the folder path
  • Once the project is downloaded, you can select to Open the downloaded project.

Synchronise the changes

With Mergin service you can synchronise your local changes back to the server. Simply, right-click on the project from the browser panel and select Synchronize

You can also use Synchronize function to download changes made to your local projects from Mergin.

Remove a local/downloaded project

If you no longer want to have the project and its associated files available locally, you can delete them by right-clicking on the project from browser panel and select Remove locally.

Ensure to use this function to remove the projects. Deleting the files manually might cause synchronisation problems.

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