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Lutris buildbot

This repository contains various build scripts for runners and games used by
Lutris. The target system for these scripts is Ubuntu 16.04 (the same system
used by the Lutris runtime).

It is advised to run these scripts from a LXC container. It's potentially
possible to use other container technology such as Docker but we strongly
advise against it. Virtual machines are ok to use too.

The only case where these containers need to communicate is when build 64bit
builds of Wine. These builds are actually multi-arch and provide 32 and 64bit
support. Make sure the 32 bit container is able to SSH (without a password) to
ubuntu@buildbot64 and inversely, that the 64bit container can SSH to

To create the containers, first make sure you have the client installed::

    sudo apt install lxd lxd-client

Also make sure to add your current user to the lxc group::

    sudo usermod -G lxd myusername
    newgrp lxd

You can create the containers with a command such as::

    lxc launch images:ubuntu/xenial/amd64 buildbot-xenial-amd64

or for the 32bit container::

    sudo lxc-create -t ubuntu -n buildbot32 -- -r xenial --arch i386

The minimal system should have the following packages installed::

    sudo apt-get install -y build-essential vim git wget curl python

To install packages without having to enter a root password add with visudo:

    ubuntu   ALL=NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/apt-get