@strycore strycore released this Feb 3, 2019 · 36 commits to master since this release

Bugfix release for 0.5.0

Fixes the side panel not showing when running a game, issues with GPU detection and distribution packaging fixes.

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@strycore strycore released this Feb 1, 2019 · 50 commits to master since this release

  • Modernize the Gtk UI, thanks to the improvements made by @TingPing
  • Add GOG support, allowing users to sign-in their account, import games and
    download game files automatically during install.
  • Add finer game import options, allowing imports from different 3rd party
    such as Steam, GOG and locally installed games.
  • Re-architecture the process monitor. This fixes issues with games exiting
    prematurely. Many thanks to @AaronOpfer for his patches!
  • Multiple games can now be launched at the same time without losing control
    over the first game.
  • Game information and actions are now displayed in a panel on the right side.
    Coverart fetching for the panel will be added in a future release, until then
    cover art files can be placed in ~/.local/share/lutris/coverart/[game-identifier].jpg
  • Games from lutris.net can be searched and installed from the client itself.
  • New install_cab_component installer command for Media Foundation based games.
  • Add a download cache to re-use files between installations.
  • Print graphics drivers and GPU on startup
  • Re-design installer selection picker.
  • Add a button to show installer scripts before installing.
  • Add a FPS limiter option when libstrangle is available (https://gitlab.com/torkel104/libstrangle)
  • Re-architecturing of several parts of the application (views, linux
    feature detection, main game class, ...)
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@strycore strycore released this Jan 26, 2019 · 84 commits to master since this release

This is the first release candidate for Lutris 0.5.0. It fixes the issues targeted for this release and brings an integrated Lutris.net search engine to the client.

Make sure to test this really well so any blocking issue can be fixed before the release.

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@strycore strycore released this Jan 22, 2019 · 141 commits to master since this release

This new beta comes with a whole bunch of fixes and improvements over the last one. Most of the remaining issues targeted for this release are related to how the new process monitor handles steam games,especially on exit. Other features to be implemented are cover art support in the website API and completing the default sidebar (with no games selected).

Here are a few highlights for this beta:

  • A new runtime, based on Ubuntu 18.04 is available and will be used with future wine builds
  • Installer files can be cached locally and re-used between installs. To use the cache, you can open the Preferences window and set the Cache Path to a valid destination. This is compatible with GOG games.
  • Both Nvidia and Mesa driver version are detected and printed on startup
  • Configuration dialogs have been simplified
  • A new installer task is available: install_cab_component which installs a specific component from a cab archive. This allows installing Windows Media Foundation in the GOG Darksiders Warmastered Edition installer ( https://lutris.net/games/darksiders-warmastered-edition/ ) and enjoying working in-game cinematics. Look at the Darksiders installer and give it a try on other MF based games!

A lot of internal components have been refactored and cleaned up, this fixes a lot of issues regarding game updating in the view.

Maintainers, please add the python3-requests and python3-pil packages to the dependencies.

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@strycore strycore released this Jan 4, 2019 · 444 commits to master since this release

The second beta for Lutris 0.5.0 comes with a refined UI for picking installers and a complete UI for syncing games. Desktop games, GOG, Steam and Wine Steam should now all work properly.

One major issue left to fix before the release is the handling of the stop button.

This beta is also available as a deb file through GitHub

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Dec 24, 2018
Update version to 0.5.0-beta

@strycore strycore released this Dec 25, 2018 · 1159 commits to master since this release

This is the first beta version of Lutris.

It should be feature complete but there will be some UI changes before the final version is released.

Known issues:

  • The import games dialog isn't finished
  • Steam game import is not finished
  • Game banners don't update when a single game is added to the view
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@strycore strycore released this Nov 7, 2018 · 1165 commits to master since this release

  • Prevent monitor from quitting games that open a 2nd process
  • Run on-demand scripts from game directory
  • Tell the user what executable is expected after a failed install
  • Fix a circular import causing issues on some distributions
  • Add missing dependency for openSUSE Tumbleweed
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@strycore strycore released this Nov 5, 2018 · 1181 commits to master since this release

  • Use lspci instead of xrandr to detect video cards
  • Detect if Vulkan is supported by the system for DXVK games
  • Add experimental playtime support
  • Detect Proton and add it to Wine versions
  • Fix runtime being downloaded when not needed
  • Add experimental tray icon with last games played
  • Add support for Feral Gamemode
  • Prevent process monitor to quit games prematurely
  • Code cleanup
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@strycore strycore released this Oct 24, 2018 · 1310 commits to master since this release

  • Fix detection of libvulkan
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