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Blizzard App

Blizzard App is the game launcher for Blizzard. It works with DX11, and expects you to use Windows 7 or higher, or it will start complaining that your operating system is too old.

Dependencies for Blizzard App

Wine dependencies

Wine dependencies are REQUIRED for proper functionality of Battle.Net and games.
NOTE: While Lutris does provide its own Wine, it doesn't provide the dependencies for it by default.
You NEED TO install them manually.

  • To get Wine dependencies on Arch and Arch-based distributions (Antergos, Manjaro), enable multilib and then install wine-staging:
    sudo pacman -S wine-staging
  • To get Wine dependencies on any other distribution (including Ubuntu, Linux Mint), install Wine Staging by follwing instructions at WineHQ.

DXVK dependencies

If you are using a DXVK or DXVK version of the installer, please get vulkan-loader dependencies as described in How to: DXVK.
They are required to make Battle.Net work.

System dependencies required for online access:

  • Arch: lib32-gnutls lib32-libldap lib32-libgpg-error
  • Ubuntu: libgnutls30:i386 libldap-2.4-2:i386 libgpg-error0:i386
  • Solus: libgnutls libgnutls-devel libgnutls-32bit libgnutls-32bit-devel openldap-devel openldap-32bit-devel libgpg-error-devel libgpg-error-32bit libgpg-error-32bit-devel
  • OpenSuse: libgnutls-devel libldap libgpg-error (Or
  • Fedora: gnutls gnutls-devel openldap openldap-devel libgpg-error (Both i686 and x86_64 versions)
  • Gentoo: gnutls libgpg-error

Other dependencies

These dependencies you usually get from other software you install, but it could still be missing on a fresh install:

  • Ubuntu / Debian: libsqlite3-0:i386
  • Fedora: sqlite2.i686 sqlite2.x86_64
  • Gentoo: sqlite
  • Arch Linux: lib32-sqlite (Need the multilib repo activated in /etc/pacman.conf), lib32-libpulse
  • Solus: sqlite3 sqlite3-32bit
  • Other distros: Something like that (your debug will complain)

Issues with Blizzard App

Even though Blizzard App works perfectly for installing and launching games when you have the above dependencies installed. There are some things to note.

The installer freezes at ~25% and then returns an error

This is caused by broken or missing installation of 32-bit nvidia-utils (or mesa).

It's a very common problem among users who attemped to install Nvidia driver using .run file. To fix it, it's suggested to completely reinstall your system and get drivers from repositories instead.

A required DLL could not be found

If using OpenGL: Make sure you have 32 bit drivers installed (Blizzard App is 32 bit)

If using DXVK, and it works with OpenGL: Make sure you install Vulkan correctly, including 32 bit.

Spinning Icon, no login buttons

Go to options for Blizzard App - disable hardware acceleration.

You might also have success if you try deleting the app's cache directory, which will be in the wine prefix's drive_c/ProgramData/ directory.

Black screen when starting game

Go to options for Blizzard App - disable streaming

Sleeping Agent / issues with installing / updating :

Click to view screenshots

Greyed out install button:

Blizzard Agent went to sleep:

Here is what you can try:

  1. Use wine version 3.20 or newer.
  2. Close Blizzard App fully and wait a bit until all its processes exit. But just in case, terminate Battle.Net, Agent.exe and wineserver with:

killall Agent.exe wineserver

Then, inside the prefix Blizzard App is installed in, find drive_c/ProgramData folder and delete Open Blizzard App again and wait a little bit, the error should disappear.

To restore your existing game installations after this, simply open Settings>Game Install/Update and click "Scan for Games".

It simply won't start

Try to change executable from Launcher.exe to, and try again.

Blizzard Error: The Application Encountered an unexpected error

This can be caused by bad fonts (for example, all-repository-fonts from AUR). Try removing them.

It can also be caused by missing 32-bit Vulkan loader. Refer to How-To:-DXVK for instructions.

Various .exe errors

The following .exes will throw errors:

  • SystemSurvey.exe
  • Helper.exe

You can just close the error. If you want to get rid of the errors, use winetricks and change a setting "nocrashdialog".

Limit FPS ingame from Blizzard App


32-bit Nvidia

When you install the nvidia-driver package, it might not necessarily install the 32-bit libraries, which is a problem because is a 32-bit app. Check your distro documentation for the correct packages.

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