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Overwatch on Linux (Wine)

Works fully under Linux now, with a performance hit from translating DX11 into OpenGL or Vulkan (with DXVK).

Wine dependencies

Wine dependencies are REQUIRED for proper functionality of Overwatch, Battle.Net and other games.

  • To get Wine dependencies on Arch and Arch-based distributions (Antergos, Manjaro), install wine-staging:
    sudo pacman -S wine-staging
    Disclaimer: you should remove wine-staging after getting the dependencies with sudo pacman -R wine-staging to avoid bug #1100 in Lutris.
  • To get Wine dependencies on any other distribution (like Ubuntu, Linux Mint), install Wine Staging by follwing instructions at WineHQ.

DXVK dependencies

If you are using a DXVK or DXVK version of the installer, please get vulkan-loader dependencies as described in How to: DXVK.
They are required to make Battle.Net work.


Works with NVidia/AMD, Intel won't work.

  • OpenGL: Requires OpenGL 4.5 or higher. Check with glxinfo | grep version (glxinfo command from mesa-demos package).


  • Requires Vulkan 32/64 bit installed for DXVK and latest NVIDIA drivers (as of September 14th 2018, it's 396.54).
  • You might need to disable flipping for Overwatch to not freeze. See nvidia-settings (framelimit can work aswell).


The options right now are:

  1. Wine pba-3.3 with MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=4.0COMPAT. Anything over 3.3 can't be used until the pink bug in mesa gets fixed (for which I can't find a bug report so idk - someone find it and edit this page). To get Blizzard App to work with 3.3, set mscvcp140 and vcruntime140 to native,builtin. This will work, but the Blizzard App will load very very very slooooow. You can also bypass Blizzard App and start Overwatch.exe directly (and update Overwatch with a standalone Blizzard App on Staging 3.9 when needed)
  2. Latest wine with DXVK, but only with llvm 5.x.x because with 6 Overwatch hangs (
  3. Update June 8th 2018: Mesa 18.1.1 with LLVM 6.0.0 and DXVK 0.54 works.

Blizzard App

Blizzard App will be installed when you install Overwatch from: Make sure you have the dependencies for Blizzard App installed, see: Blizzard App. You use Blizzard App to install/update/start Overwatch.

Known issues

  • First few games you will be filling a shader cache, this gives stutter, just spectate your friends/play a bit and it will get better.

  • If starting from Blizzard App crashes the game, you need to disable Streaming feature in Blizzard App

  • The game may start with very low video settings. This is normal, just change it to how you like it.

  • If you find the game to run slow, set everything to LOW/OFF and set Render Scale to 100% or lower.

  • Certain keys may not save when bound in the settings menu. One workaround is to change the keybindings from outside of the game. For example, if you can't assign Left Control to crouch, try assigning Right Control in-game, and then temporarily swapping them by running: xmodmap -e "keycode 37 = Control_R" xmodmap -e "keycode 105 = Control_L"

  • Some people have issues with the mouse/camera moving by itself or stuck looking up/down and spinning. First, try going to the in-game menu (Escape). If this doesn't fix it, make sure the window size matches the game's aspect ratio. You can solve this by resizing the window manually. For example, a 16:9 user can run the game in windowed mode via wmctrl -r Overwatch -e 0,180,140,1792,1008

  • The game may start in a much smaller window than the resolution the game is set to.
    Simply add
    WindowedHeight = "1080" WindowedWidth = "1920"
    lines under [Render.13] in the configuration file located in
    ~Games/overwatch/drive_c/users/alex/My Documents/Overwatch/Settings/
    This may also help with mouse issues mentioned above. Example:

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