Getting Help: Providing logs & System Info

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  1. Output of lutris -d
  2. Output of glxinfo | grep OpenGL (may require installation of additional package) and additionally nvidia-smi (Nvidia-only)
  3. Output of vulkaninfo if the game uses DXVK (may require installation of additional package).
  4. Click the Configure button > Runner options > Output debugging info > Enabled and launch your game. Output log can be found by clicking the log button on the right sidebar.
  5. Optionally, a screenshot.

Send it via or a similar service.

Providing info

We cannot help you if you don't provide logs or your system info. Things like distro version, desktop environment, window manager, and graphics card/driver help us narrow down the issue you're having.

We can't guess your problems from vague descriptions and/or screenshots alone. Adding a screenshot is fine, and sometimes helps to diagnose the problem, but that is usually only if we have seen the problem before.

When you're done gathering the information upload it to and post your link along with your issue to our Discord server or the Lutris forums.

Lutris debugging output

To get output of a game installation start Lutris through the terminal with lutris -d. The terminal will contain information about the installation.

Graphics information

To provide information about your hardware and drivers execute glxinfo | grep OpenGL. (mesa-utils on Ubuntu or mesa-demos on Arch is needed), and also nvidia-smi if you have Nvidia graphics. Additionally, if the game uses DXVK, also provide output of vulkaninfo (vulkan-tools is needed). If you don't know if the game uses DXVK, provide the output anyway.

Debugging output for a game

For Wine and Wine Steam you need to enable log output manually:

  • Click the Configure button on the right sidebar > Runner options > Output debugging info > Enabled.

Run the game you're having trouble with to regenerate the log to update the level of debugging information.

Logs can be found by clicking the logs button on the right sidebar:

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