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TransportDroidIL is a neat little android app for getting bus & train times for Israel. It was written by Ohad Lutzky, with many patches by Haggai Eran

The app itself is in the TransportDroidIL project. The TransportDroidILTest project contains functioning unit-tests (yay!), which must be in a separate project in the Android SDK.

How it works

TransportDroidIL receives user input and sends it to either Egged or the Ministry of Transport sites, using the free-text engine there. Since the sites are nearly identical in implementation, it's not a lot of extra work. Any information reported by the application comes from those two sites, so we support whatever queries they do. Also, for convenience, there's a history-based autocompleter.

Realtime bus location updates are available for the following companies:

These companies share the technology for realtime bus location updates, which can be used through their respective websites, and now through TransportDroidIL. Note that TransportDroidIL takes data intended for display on Internet Explorer, which isn't under our control and attempts to display it on your phone. In spite our best effort, this process is prone to errors, so we can not be responsible if you are late to an important meeting with your boss...


Copy [SDK]/extras/google/google_play_services/libproject/google-play-services_lib to this directory. Then use Eclipse. You can run unit tests from the TransportDroidILTest/ project. Yes, I really should convert this to an ant project.


The source code for TransportDroidIL is available under the GPL license, as available in the COPYING file. TransportDroidIL is also available for free download.

Some icons are from: (CC) Otherse are from: (CC)


An android application to query Israeli transportation information



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