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Strategy plugin for gekko using the excellent AI based High quality live coin predictions API Live / Paper trading via REST API and backtesting via CSV-based prediction data possible (see here how to export data from Google BigQuery).


  • clone repo
  • npm install
  • npm run build

Copy over these 2 files from the dist directory:

  • dist/BitBankStrategy.js to gekko/strategies
  • dist/BitBankStrategy.toml to gekko/config/strategies

toml config file

# API key for predition data
apiKey = "API-KEY"
# currency-pair for which we want predition data for
pair = "BTC_ETH"
# when prediction featureset is older than 60s it's not used by the strategy
maxFeatureSetAgeInSeconds = 60
# time period for getting new candles (1 min is the minimum)
candlePeriodInMinutes = 1

# enable backtesting 
enable = true
# path to the exported CSV (export has to be ordered by date field)
csvPath = "/mnt/d/BitBank/BTC_ETH.csv"



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