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Minimal is a static personal website and blog generator for Go, Node.js and Python. It has no external dependencies and requires only a few hundred lines of code to run. Everything is minimal, easy to take appart and rewrite.

Example blogs are hosted on Netlify using the default, profile and developer themes.

Getting Started

To get started, fork this repository and create a local clone.

Modify ./content.json to your liking (symbol codes for social links can be found here).

To build locally and launch a simple web server run either of the following:

  • Install Node.js and run ./task start --runtime node.
  • Install Go and run ./task start --runtime go.
  • Install Python and run ./task start --runtime python.

The default runtime can be configured via ./task.cfg.


To deploy to a production enviroment set the deploy target in ./task.cfg and update the corresponding .cfg file in the ./deploy folder, then run ./task deploy to build and deploy the site.

To host the repository on Netlify set the target to netlify. In your site settings (Settings > Build & Deploy > Continuous Deployment) update Build Command to ./task deploy and Publish Directory to build.