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Minimal is a static personal website and blog generator for Go, Node.js and Python. It has no external dependencies and requires only a few hundred lines of code to run.

Example blogs are hosted on Netlify using the default, profile and developer themes.

Getting Started

To get started, fork this repository and create a local clone.

Modify ./content.json to your liking (symbol codes for social links can be found here).

To build locally and launch a simple web server run either of the following:

  • Install Node.js and run ./task start --runtime node.
  • Install Go and run ./task start --runtime go.
  • Install Python and run ./task start --runtime python.

The default runtime can be configured via ./task.cfg.


To deploy to a production enviroment set the deploy target in ./task.cfg and update the corresponding .cfg file in the ./deploy folder, then run ./task deploy to build and deploy the site.

To host the repository on Netlify set the target to netlify. In your site settings (Settings > Build & Deploy > Continuous Deployment) update Build Command to ./task deploy and Publish Directory to build.