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Proxy between Avis and 0mq middlewares
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Proxy between Avis and 0mq middlewares. This proxy allows you to subscribe/publish to avis using 0mq.

This is a simple fork of avis-router-1.2.2 which adds 0mq support. Also, support for OS X and Windows has been removed as well as RPM packaging (should you need this you will need to modify ant build config, build.xml from original avis-router-1.2.2 might be handy).

NOTE: All avis notifications are passed to all 0mq subscribers, 0mq subscribes should always subscribe with an empty filter


Lukas Vacek


This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
version 3 as published by the Free Software Foundation.

program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program. If not, see


If you are running Linux on x86 or x86-64 you only need Java JRE1.5 (SE) and then:

  • clone this repo
  • get or (depending on your platform) from the repo root
  • unzip that
  • run server/bin/avisd


  • see original avis documentation here:
  • avis-zmqprx introduces following new options in etc/avisd.config
    • Zmq-pub-address (default: tcp:// - zmq url to publish on
    • Zmq-sub-address (default: tcp:// - zmq url to subscribe to
    • Zmq-pub-bind (default: true) - bind(true) or connect(false) to zmq-pub-address?
    • Zmq-sub-bind (default: false) - bind(true) or connect(false) to zmq-sub-address?
    • Zmq-send-zmq (default: true) - Send messages received on zmq to zmq subscribers
  • If you want to run 0mq against already deployed avis router, you can set up fedaration between the avis router and avis-zmqprx (check out avis documentation for details)

AVIS <-> 0mq type conversion

Because avis messages are structured (type,name,value) but 0mq messages are just chunk of bytes it's necessary to provide some represantion on top of 0mq - avis_zmqprx uses JSON (RFC 4627) for this. So the message you send to/receive from zmq socket is a standard json object.

Details on mapping between AVIS and 0mq types:

  • AVIS: INT32 or INT64, JSON: integer
  • AVIS: REAL64, JSON: Real (in case REAL64 was NaN, JSON representation is a null)
  • AVIS: STRING, JSON: String
  • AVIS: OPAQUE, JSON: an array containing one Base64-encoded String

The reason why Avis' Opaque is represented as an array of one String is to allow the client to distinguish between Avis' Opaque and String types when both receiving and sending data.

Running with system-wide zmq

  • Because zmq and jzmq are only platform-depend parts of avis-zmqprx you can just delete them from server/lib/ directory and it will pick up your system-wide installation of zmq and jzmq (or alternativelly pass the paths in classpath,-Djava.library.path and LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or your platform's alternative) )

Build dependencies

  • POSIX environment
  • unzip, tar
  • autotools (needed to build jzmq)
  • libtool
  • C compiler
  • C++ compiler
  • ant
  • JRE (>=1.5)
  • JDK (>=1.5)
  • uuid-dev

Building from source

  • clone this repo
  • make sure you have all build dependencies installed (zmq and jzmq are bundled with the source)
  • go to server directory:
  • run ant jar-server which will build everything and you can run bin/avisd then
  • alternatively, you can run ant dist-source which will create a src package just like the ones available for linux x86 and x86_64
  • run ant clean to get clean source tree again

Building from source using system-wide zmq and jmq

  • clone this repo
  • make sure you have all build dependencies installed
  • ant takes an optional -Dzmq-no-bundle=true parameter to ignore bundled zmq and build against system-wide installation instead
  • thus you can run, for example, ant -Dzmq-no-bundle=true jar-server

Building for older JRE than your JDK version

  • use <version> parameter for ant, for example 1.5

Rebuilding only bundled zmq and jzmq

  • In case you want to rebuild only zmq and jzmq for your platform without rebuilding complete avis-zmqprx, run following:
  • in server directory:
  • ant clean-third-party-from-lib
  • ant clean-jzmq
  • ant clean-zmq
  • ant-copy-third-party-to-lib

Building on windows

You will need to get jzmq and zmq libraries for windows, add them to your classpath and library paths and build with -Dzmq-no-bundle=true and pray (this has never ever been tested, feel free to get in touch should you need help).

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