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deps: lcrypto: check for errors in fverify and friends

In luvit we were encountering a problem where crypto.verify was leaving
an openssl error lying around and that was causing our TLS code to freak
out since it found an error in SSL_get_error().

So, make sure we check for all cases and in the case of VerifyFinal that
if the verify fails we clear the crypto errors too.
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1 parent e250680 commit 97668d7edde35cb85a22b9cfd273dfc6f52b2436 Brandon Philips committed Sep 25, 2012
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2 deps/luacrypto
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-Subproject commit 9b1a6844ad6af2973a9ff427415d9bae679f1b79
+Subproject commit ef3ef66552c6ec641badcd3aa39700db95745018

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