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Sep 24, 2012

  1. Ryan Phillips

    dns-tests: use

    rphillips authored

Sep 21, 2012

  1. Matt Kaniaris

    Fix broken tests/runner

    The runner had a broken cleanup function, which gets called when a test fails.  Changed some of the domain names so that the tests pass.  Still using for the txt record.
    removed debug code from runner
    kans authored

Aug 07, 2012

  1. Brandon Philips

    test-dns: note why we are calling deprecated functions in test

    dns.isIP* are now net.isIP*. Note that we are testing to ensure they
    work in the comments.
    philips authored philips committed

Jun 12, 2012

  1. Ryan Phillips

    move dns.isIP* to net.*

    rphillips authored

Feb 03, 2012

  1. Tim

    Snake to camel case.

    Signed-off-by: Tim Smart <>
    tim-smart authored

Jan 07, 2012

  1. Paul Querna

    Use Apache 2.0 License consistently throughout luvit

    pquerna authored

Jan 06, 2012

  1. Ryan Phillips

    add bogus ip check

    rphillips authored

Jan 05, 2012

  1. Ryan Phillips

    add isIP support

    rphillips authored

Jan 04, 2012

  1. Ryan Phillips

    node returns an array for cname

    rphillips authored
  2. Ryan Phillips

    force getaddrinfo to call the callback with an error

    rphillips authored
  3. Ryan Phillips

    only return a string on cname

    rphillips authored
  4. Ryan Phillips

    add more tests

    rphillips authored
  5. Ryan Phillips

    add the rest of the DNS helper functions

    rphillips authored
  6. Ryan Phillips

    check status codes of ares callback

    rphillips authored
  7. Ryan Phillips

    fix gethostbyaddr

    rphillips authored
  8. Ryan Phillips

    add beginnings of dns module and test

    rphillips authored
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