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Sketch Guides


Add Guides to edges and midpoints at once.

Version 2.0 update Fixed Ruler baseline in artboard. Available to set Guides without any artboard. Support plugin update in Sketch.

Sketch 42.^ support

Landing Page

In the past few years I have designed UI with Photoshop plugin named Velositey 1.0, and it has saved a lot of time to setup the guides in manually. Since I transfered to use Sketch I can't find similar plugin for it. So last week I decided to build my own plugin, and now I presend you my first Sketch Plugin.


Add guide in side, vertical and horizontal direction, also can remove all guides.



Just press to lauch Interface Control Tool : Shift + Ctrl + V

Interface Control tool

Support intuition interface don't need to use hot-key anymore, that you can just click to use!

Tool UI

Installing Plugins

  1. Download and unzip
  2. Double Click Sketch Guides.sketchplugin or put in sketch plugin folder.

Install SketchGuides with Sketchpacks

Contact me

Feel free to contact me for any suggestions.