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🐍 Snake Game 🐍

License: MIT

Project Information

Recreation of the old school snake games once on the flip phones and is an old classic game. Created using HTML5 Canvas and Typescript

Snake Demo

Tech Stack

Technology Description Link ↘️
HTML5 Hyper Text Markup Language ----
CSS3 Cascading Style Sheets ----
JavaScript High Level, Dynamic, Interpreted Language ----
SASS Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets
Babel Javascript Compiler
Webpack Javascript Module Bundler
Browser Sync Synchronised Browser Testing
NodeJS Open Source, Javascript Run Time Environment, Execute Javascript code for server side
Typescript Superset of Javascript

Game Features

The game works as any old classic snake game, although where some games out there do not allow you to go past the board, you are able to go through the board in this game.

The rest of the rules are similar to the traditional snake game.

You will lose if the snake touches any part of its body.