A simple RPC framework based on Netty, ZooKeeper and Spring
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An RPC framework based on Netty, ZooKeeper and Spring
中文详情:Chinese Details


  • Simple code and framework
  • Non-blocking asynchronous call and Synchronous call support
  • Long lived persistent connection
  • High availability, load balance and failover
  • Service Discovery support by ZooKeeper



How to use

  1. Define an interface:

     public interface HelloService { 
     	String hello(String name); 
     	String hello(Person person);
  2. Implement the interface with annotation @RpcService:

     public class HelloServiceImpl implements HelloService {
     	public HelloServiceImpl(){}
     	public String hello(String name) {
     		return "Hello! " + name;
     	public String hello(Person person) {
     		return "Hello! " + person.getFirstName() + " " + person.getLastName();
  3. Run zookeeper

    For example: zookeeper is running on

  4. Start server:

    Start server with spring: RpcBootstrap

    Start server without spring: RpcBootstrapWithoutSpring

  5. Use the client:

     ServiceDiscovery serviceDiscovery = new ServiceDiscovery("");
     final RpcClient rpcClient = new RpcClient(serviceDiscovery);
     // Sync call
     HelloService helloService = rpcClient.create(HelloService.class);
     String result = helloService.hello("World");
     // Async call
     IAsyncObjectProxy client = rpcClient.createAsync(HelloService.class);
     RPCFuture helloFuture = client.call("hello", "World");
     String result = (String) helloFuture.get(3000, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS);