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Luxa CSS logo

Luxa CSS

A minimalist CSS framework.

See the documentation with examples here.

Simple and focused, its goal is to provide a lightweight solution that can be easily implemented in any development context.

With simple class names like .lx-btn or .lx-row, and a simple modifier system, like .is-left.

Quick Start

by CDN

You can use Luxa CSS by CDN, provided by the 🦾 jsDeliver service, below:



By Download

You can also download the files from the dist/ folder and include them in your HTML with a link.

⚠️ There are two folders inside the dist/ folder:

Rewrite and Change

If you want to rewrite or change something, to better suit your needs.

You can start by cloning the repository:

git clone

This project needs Node, as we use Gulp.

Make sure you installed it with the following commands:

node --version
npm --version
npx --version

If they are not installed, follow the instructions here.

Install the Gulp command line utility

You can install it following the Gulp installation tutorial, or you can simply run the command on your terminal:

npm i

Verify your Gulp versions

gulp --version

Test it

Now all you have to do is initialize it:

npm run gulp

And you're ready! 👌😁

How to contribute

If you want to help, there are many ways to do it! Start by reading the contribution guide.

Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2020 Lucas de França. Code released under the MIT license.

English is not my native language; if there are any grammatical errors, please feel free to correct me; I will be very grateful!