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A template for creating plugins
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Plugin for creating switches using the esp8266 based switches from Sonoff. Of course it is possible to program any device as long as it will understand below protocol.

For now this plugin only supports on/off commands by sending/receiving a '1' or '0'. In the future it can be expanded by adding support for receiving sensor readings and dimmable lights.


You can load the plugin by editing your config.json to include:

	"plugin": "wifiswitch"


Devices can be added by either directly editing the config file or adding devices through the gui.

As of now, only 1 device is available: "WifiSocketSwitch".

Example config:
	"id": "wifiswitchtest",
    "name": "wifiSwitchTest",
    "class": "WifiSocketSwitch",
	"port": 8888,   
    "address": ""

Port: This is the receiving port on the device itself to wich UDP command wil be send by this plugin. Address: This is the IP-Adress of the device.

The code for the switch itself wil be added later...

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