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HTTP service to monitor if catapult node is harvesting.
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Catapult Harvestmon

Monitor if catapult node is harvesting. The tool expect and endpoint that returns json in this structure:


Above json structure is the response of catapult diagnostic endpoint at When first initiated, catapult-harvestmon will take the json response of given endpoint and persist it in file. It will then run an http endpoint at localhost:3111. Any request to localhost:3111 will trigger catapult-harvestmon to check the current height of given catapult endpoint and compare it against previous height.

Sample output from catapult-harvestmon:

$ curl localhost:3111
{"ok":true,"msg":"block height incremented from 1744062 to 1744063"}
$ curl localhost:3111
{"ok":false,"msg":"block height did not increment from 1744063. is the node still harvesting?"}
$ # wait 10s
$ curl localhost:3111
{"ok":true,"msg":"block height incremented from 1744063 to 1744064"}


Without docker:

  • clone the repo
  • run this command:

With docker:

docker run -it --rm -p 3111:3111 luxtagofficial/catapult-harvestmon

Once the running, setup an HTTP monitoring tool (ie. uptimemonitor, cabot) to send GET request to catapult-harvestmon endpoint and check if its response contains "ok":true. If it returns something else, trigger error event.

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