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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. This project adheres to Semantic Versioning. In order to read more about upgrading and BC breaks have a look at the UPGRADE Document.


  • #745 Fixed bug in exception when image could not find the file.

4.9.0 (8. March 2023)

  • #744 The internal CRUD export system no longer caches data in the @runtime folder, but uses the cache component instead. This could potentially cause problems when exporting large CRUD tables, but it fixes the problem when LUYA Admin is used in a cloud-scaled architecture.
  • #743 Add option to ignore the pool context inside CRUD relation loader for CheckboxRelation, SelectModel and SelectRelationActiveQuery plugins.

4.8.0 (5. January 2023)

  • #740 AdminLanguage component will throw an Exception if no default language is found.
  • #739 Added option to disable the multiple input type controls (add, remove and sort).

4.7.2 (26. October 2022)

  • #738 Fixed a bug where global search items where not clickable.

4.7.1 (20. October 2022)

  • #736 Fixed issue with relation calls, introduced in 4.7.0

4.7.0 (19. October 2022)

  • Fixed PHP 7.4 as minimum version in composer.json, this was previously done by the bizley/jwt dependency. Therefore using rector to align functionality with PHP 7.4.
  • #735 Ensure a none existing filter does not throw an exception. This can be the case when generting dynamic filters and those are stored in the user settings.
  • #733 Added PT translations.
  • #734 Added ID (Bahasa Indonesia) translations.

4.6.0 (5. October 2022)

  • #732 NgRest Text Plugins can now be turned into an interactive text field on the list (overview) of the CRUD with option $inline = true.
  • #730 New NgRest Plugin MultipleInputs to generate data with different types storing as a json.

4.5.0 (24. August 2022)

This release contains a huge BC Break when using LUYA JWT user auth. Check the UPGRADE document to read more

  • #719 Prepare for PHP 8.1. Increased minium PHP Version to 7.4. Replaced sizeg/jwt with bizley/jwt.
  • #726 The signature of luya\admin\base\JwtIdentityInterface has changed from: loginByJwtToken(Lcobucci\JWT\Token $token) to loginByJwtToken(Lcobucci\JWT\Token\Plain $token)
  • #728 Added new NgRestActiveQuery method jsonOrderBy() to sort by a field which contains a json object.

4.4.1 (20. July 2022)

  • #713 Blacklist SVG mime type by default. In order to enable SVG Upload use 'whitelistMimeTypes' => ['image/svg+xml'].
  • #723 Added "Toggle all" button to zaaCheckboxArray plugin.
  • #724 Fixed issues with search and sortable when using Pools.
  • #725 SortableTrait prefixes the table name now in the find querys in order to prevent issue when have two sortindex fields with the same name.

4.4.0 (19. May 2022)

  • #714 Improve the sorting ability by adding create, update and delete events which are attached from the SortableTrait. Sorting over pagination or swap index from form input is now possible too.
  • #711 Add option to disable the auto logout when the user ip changes.
  • #712 Fix issue where field labels where not used from models getAttributeLabel() when using ngRestExport().

4.3.2 (13. April 2022)

  • #710 Fixed a bug where it was not possible to export more then 100 rows when using ngRestExport() configuration.
  • #709 Added initvalue for zaaColor element.
  • #707 Fix issue when creating a new record inside an ngrest relation call form, losing they context data (from the relation).

4.3.1 (22. February 2022)

  • #705 Fix issue with SelectArrayGently when using a closure
  • Changed default queueFiltersList to medium-thumbnail instead of meidum-cop
  • #706 Use ImageInterface::THUMBNAIL_FLAG_NOCLONE when creating thumbnails and fix issue with ngrest logger when uploading files.

4.3.0 (15. February 2022)

  • #700 Fixed syntax error in crud generate command.
  • #702 The ngRestExport() method will be used to sort and restrict all sortable attributes.
  • #704 Use model for ngrest logger in order to prevent errors for to long strings.

4.2.0 (9. December 2021)

This release changes the admin menu order in terms of admin UI but not in terms API breaks. Check the UPGRADE document to read more about breaking changes.

  • #698 Fixed reversed order of modules in admin menu.
  • #695 Fixed placeholders within zaaMultipleInputs.
  • #694 Fixed CRUD title involving NgRestPools.
  • #690 Option to pass additional variables to the dashboard objects.
  • #676 Fixed hidden NgRest attributes issue in the group-by-field select.
  • #678 Added icon property to any NgRest attribute. It allows setting additional icons in CRUD table header and CRUD edit form.
  • #668 Fixed misleading use of the note_add icon.
  • #660 Introduced <luyaElements> analogues for some <zaaElements>. This allows getting simple AngularJs form elements styled to match the rest of the interface elements.
  • #666 Fixed injection issue with zaaDecimal within zaaMultipleInputs.
  • #665 Replaced <span> tags with <a> tags in main admin menu and submenus.
  • #663 A new TagRelation::cleanup(ActiveRecord $model) method to remove all tag relations for a certain model.
  • #481 Fixed issue where file manager files count is not updated accordingly after uploading new files.
  • #674 Throw an exception when the image can not find the requested file.
  • #697 Fix issue with sorting of admin UI language.

4.1.0 (21. September 2021)

  • #661 Added a cellColor property to any NgRest attribute. It allows setting color of CRUD table cells.
  • #662 Fix display issue with radio buttons in multiple radio button fields (zaaRadio directive).
  • #658 Added new SelectArrayGently Plugin, which is the same as SelectArray Plugin, but do not override the values from the database.
  • #657 Fix problem with global admin UI search when model does not exist, this could be due to old controller structure or custom code.
  • #656 Ensure queue items are removed when schedule item is deleted, improved filter of upcoming queue events, fix issue with scheduler log for multiple attributes on the same model.
  • #654 Fix issue with ngrest detail view when json is not an array.
  • #496 Added default color for link elements in NgRest CRUD table.

4.0.0 (27. July 2021)

This release contains new migrations and requires to run the migrate command after updating. Check the UPGRADE document to read more about breaking changes.

  • #599 Files are now downloaded via stream instead of reading its content, Therefore any custom storage systems requires a new method fileSystemStream().
  • #601 The luya\admin\events\FileDownloadEvent::$file does not receive a luya\admin\file\Item anymore, instead its a luya\admin\models\StorageFile.
  • #647 Lazy data load for ngrest plugin.
  • #635 New migration database file, as new attributes are available for properties, images and files
  • #298 Added new NgRest Plugin SelectAsyncApi which can be used to change the select based on certain context variables in real time, its also known as "dependent select".
  • #642 Example usage for admin/proxy machine in detail window.
  • #610 Added API endpoint to display all groups where the current logged-in user belongs to admin/api-user-group/me.
  • #602 Fixed bug in ngrest model detail view.
  • #605 Add new LUYA Test Suite for wider PHP Testing Support. Added Tests for PHP 8.
  • #608 Use FileHelper::unlink method instead of PHP's unlink in order to prevent thrown exceptions.
  • #609 Fixed generic issues when using PostgreSQL.
  • #620 Changed echarts library to major Version 5.0
  • #603 Added option to disable the login form and display a maintenance message instead.
  • #623 New command to cleanup ngrest log and cms log tables ./luya admin/log/cleanup all.
  • #626 Fixed issue with blameable behavior in console command context.
  • #627 Added option to set a button condition to show or hide crud update, delete, ngRestActiveButtons and ngRestActiveWindows buttons.
  • #630 Added option to define permission level for ActiveWindows and ActiveButtons, default behavior Auth::CAN_UPDATE is maintained for BC.
  • #604 Added "Save", "Save and close" and "Create", "Create and close" buttons next to CRUD forms.
  • #313 Add option to disable text and filter in image array zaa directive and ngrest plugin.
  • #638 Added new orderBy() method for file, image and folder iterator of storage system, this fixes the issue that fileArray and imageArray plugin where sorted wrong when $fileIterator is enabled.
  • #639 The LUYA Config::set() can now store larger amount of data, using text() instead of string().
  • #640 Added new --only option ( or -o) for admin/proxy command. Possible values are db or storage.
  • #641 Added loading indicator for filemanager file detail.
  • #643 Fixed issue where the root folder where displaying all files from the storage system.
  • #645 New predifined radio input page property luya\admin\base\RadioProperty
  • #648 The storage contains now an option which can generate filter version of images async in the queue after uploading. To do see take a look at luya\admin\storage\BaseFileSystemStorage::$queueFilters.
  • #649 New ngRestActiveSelections API which allows developers to interact with a certain selection in the CRUD list view. For example to archive or delete multiple items. The API is similar to Active Buttons.

3.9.0 (24. November 2020)

  • #596 Added new migration for session storage, the table name is admin_session and can be configured as session' => ['class' => 'yii\web\DbSession', 'sessionTable' => 'admin_session'].
  • #595 Added new NgRest Plugin JsonObject which will store a JSON object in the database and return an assoc array in the model.
  • #170 Added new ngRestExport() method to NgRestModel in order to apply formatting of values to the downloadable export.

3.8.0 (11. November 2020)

  • #589 Add new help() method for page properties, added CRUD view for properties.
  • #591 Disable session login for rest api calls.
  • #592 Fixed a bug where storage uploader without selected files throws an exception.

3.7.1 (4. November 2020)

  • #587 Fixed a bug where it was not possible to update the current admin user due to wrong unique email validation.
  • #588 Fixed a bug where the CRUD Tags filter does not appear anymore.

3.7.0 (26. October 2020)

This release contains a behavior change where MysqlMutex is default instead of FileMutex. Check the UPGRADE document to read more about breaking changes.

  • #576 Use MysqlMutex as default Mutex class for the Admin Queue instead of FileMutex due to people have problems with file permissions when running the queue in cli mode. MysqlMutex is also the better approach when multiple works might run on different workloads.
  • #578 New bahasa (Indonesian) language option.
  • #575 New hungarian language option.
  • #574 Add new toasts design (stronger colors).
  • #577 Queue Scheduler Job loads only the target attribute into the model.
  • #579 Updated Portuguese translation files.
  • #580 Fix issue where the OpenApi parser does not return models which are instance of yii\base\Model.
  • #581 Ensure the proxy api to synchronise files uses the sendContentAsFile in order to support 3rd party storage systems like AWS.
  • #583 Its now possible to export CRUD data for a given filter. Using ngRestFilters() data to display the filters in the export mask in preselect the current active filter.
  • #504 Fixed a bug where images in CRUD list disappear when switch from list to create form and back again.
  • #585 Added new zaa-select-crud directive which allows to select a row from an existing ngrest crud in a modal dialog.

3.6.1 (1. October 2020)

  • #572 Fixed "zaa-date" datepicker width issue.

3.6.0 (30. September 2020)

This requires LUYA core 1.7

  • #567 Do not marke i18n values as dirty when they are populated from the database, store the original json value from the database in a new setI18nOldValue() method instead.
  • #533 Use new Yii::$app->getAdminModulesMenus(), Yii::$app->getAdminModulesJsTranslationMessages() and Yii::$app->getAdminModulesAssets() method in order to retrieve module data. This fixes a bug with admin modules which does not have an admin in the module name f.e. 'usertoken' => 'luya\admin\usertoken\Module'.
  • #561 Disable LUYA admin auth checks when cors is enabled and request method is options.
  • #562 New luya\admin\validators\I18nRequiredValidator validator in order to validate i18n attributes an its content. The validator checks if all language short codes exist and if the corresponding value is empty.
  • #577 Ensure the admin/proxy command also works with different file systems then the local storage.
  • #565 Add new luya\admin\validators\StorageUploadValidator which assignes the file absolute path as value.
  • #569 Improve the view when using TextArray ngrest plugin in CRUD overview.
  • #571 Ensure the user_id is selected in any SQL query mode, therefore fixed yii\base\ErrorException: Undefined index: user_id bug when open a CRUD. see #551
  • #570 Added border radius to all form input fields. Improved CRUD search and group by buttons.

3.5.2 (26. August 2020)

  • #559 Add method to return a language specific NgRest Model value.
  • #556 Generate unique OpenApi operationIds.

3.5.1 (12. August 2020)

  • #551 Added missing user_id column in select condition which throws an error for certrain sql mode configurations.

3.5.0 (11. August 2020)

  • #545 Fix issue where primary key values where not correct type casted (a string was returned instead of integer). This was due to Text NgRestPlugin encoding its value when assigning to the model for security reasons.
  • #542 Add tablename in the where condition to support join relations with luya\admin\traits\SoftDeleteTrait.
  • #543 Ensure all images are routed trough LUYA file controller in order to fix issue with cropping images when working with 3rd party storage systems.
  • #541 Fix memory problem in OpenApi generator because of circular references.
  • #537 Add new event to customize the params for an OpenApi generated Path.

3.4.1 (28. July 2020)

  • #539 Fix issue with angularjs directive closing tags which has been introduced in version 1.8.0
  • #536 Fix issue where security schemas where added but not applied to the Operations.
  • #534 Using fields() when working with ActiveRecords as it represents the REST resource information.
  • #533 Fixed a bug where OpenApi property relations won't expand.

3.4.0 (21. July 2020)

  • #530 Attach query behaviors in luya\admin\ngrest\base\NgRestModel::find.
  • #529 Fixed an issue with OpenApi path params.
  • #527 Fixed a bug where deleted user emails where not validated when save or update an existing user account.

3.3.2 (28. June 2020)

  • #522 Fixed issue with not normalized attribute types in OpenApi file.
  • #523 Fixed a bug where an empty options array in Angular Helper class leads into an error while setting the default $scope.model state in Radio Buttons.
  • #520 Checking class existance in getDiffCount() method in order to ensure, a row badge is only handled when the class exists. This might be a problem if a module has been removed but the notification information still persists.

3.3.1 (17. June 2020)

  • #497 Do not render the dropdown values in luyaSelect until the dropdown is expanded.
  • #519 Use @method PhpDoc to override Yii Framework defined actions in actions() method, otherwise those will always have the same Summary and Description Text in the OpenApi file.
  • #517 Fix problem with OpenApi generator URL tokens like <identifier:[a-z0-9]+> which are now rendered correctly as <identifier>
  • #515 If property luya\admin\ngrest\base\Api::$filterSearchModelClass is defined, the filter model will be taken into account for filter request param.
  • #511 Fixed a bug where OpenApi IndexAction should return an array instead of an object.
  • #512 Fixed a bug with multiple input types and zaaLink directives (none unique elements).
  • #510 Fixed regression from issue #459 regarding user change history active window.

3.3.0 (26. Mai 2020)

  • #503 An option to assign defined yii\web\UrlRule into the luya\admin\openapi\Generator.
  • #501 Implement PhpDoc @uses for handling OpenApi request body informations when verb type is POST.
  • #500 Trigger an event (eventUserAccessTokenLogin) when an access token is requesting for a login.
  • #499 Added missing RU translations.
  • #489 Hide default LUYA NgRest CRUD actions for OpenApi generator. Improve overall performance to generate OpenApi.

3.2.0 (29. April 2020)

This release requires LUYA Core version 1.3 and contains a signature change for a method. Check the UPGRADE document to read more about breaking changes.

  • #467 Improve performance of applying multiple filters on an image.
  • #478 Corrected implode() in ngRestScopes() in create model command template.
  • #475 Added new option to return a none empty tag title.
  • #476 Ensure importers skip objects which are not of the certain type. This is importend when a folder is used for other data.
  • #459 New dropdown option to truncate the whole model data, if enabled.
  • #284 Added initvalue option for zaaRadio directive.
  • #349 Option to include ApiUsers log entries into the admin dashboard.
  • #466 New view for all images which are generated from files applying a filter.

3.1.0 (24. March 2020)

This release requires LUYA Core version 1.1 to work.

  • #464 Change behavior of how i18n values are encoded, by using $app->language instead of $composition->langShortCode. Automatically provided ContentNegotation $languages from LUYA admin language table (requires luya core version 1.1)
  • #470 Improved the performance of the file manager folder tree, when a lot of data is available.
  • #472 Added new controller for website uptime tests (Route: admin/uptime)
  • #196 Enable croping for images.

3.0.3 (5. March 2020)

  • #468 Removed window on load from login (was not needed) in order to fix a bug where Safari does not render the login form.

3.0.2 (28. Feburary 2020)

  • #463 Fixed an issue with luya-content container height.

3.0.1 (25. February 2020)

  • #462 Deleted exception on hasOne() relation in ngrest/base/Api for working ngRestRelations with hasOne relation
  • #461 Fixed an overflow issue on admin pages.

3.0 (20. February 2020)

This release contains new migrations and requires to run the migrate command after updating. Check the UPGRADE document to read more about breaking changes.



  • #320 If $resetPassword is enabled and mail component is configured properly, the user can enter the email address to reset his password.
  • #265 Session based lockout has been replaced for ip based lockout.
  • #446 Added option to remember a device which will then auto login the user (unless logout is clicked, or an auto logout happens due to inactivity).
  • #287 Added 2FA trough OTP for users accounts, if enabled the secure token will not be sent.
  • #411 Queue log errors are now tracked in a seperate table (queue log error).
  • #437 Option to display only the color dot in the Color plugin not the the selected color value.
  • #434 New Badge plugin to generate badge views in list overview.
  • #380 New index ngrest plugins in order to generate a sequential row numbering in list views.
  • #264 Added new readonly option to NgRest Plugins which will render the list value in update scope.
  • #443 Added option to disable model validation when using duplicate button.
  • #364 Added the user agent to the user login table to display more detailed informations.


  • #453 When visiting dashboard in mobile view, the title was not set correctly.
  • #439 Add option to dissabled auto assign of select data after find.
  • #441 Fixed switching of the "check_circle" text to the real icon after successful authentication
  • #435 Problem when clicking on checkboxes when initvalue is true (active) state.
  • #426 Fixed a bug where color plugin does not work when model is empty.
  • #448 Added checking if the user is not a guest, for the 'view' action to work in $authOptional on Api Controllers
  • #330 Mark required i18n fields with bold label, like none i18n fields.

2.4.1 (16. December 2019)

  • #424 Fixed bug of wrong variable in active buttons.

2.4.0 (13. December 2019)

  • #415 Storage createImage works only when image mimetype is provided.
  • #385 Fixed issue with varchar primary keys when working with relations.
  • #421 Lazyload ngrest config informations to reduce memory usage and sql requests.
  • #420 Fix a bug when using group by option in crud and values where not rendered trough ngrest plugins mechanism.
  • #419 NgRest Filters are rendered by LUYA admin select dropdown instead of browser dropdown, this allows to search in the list.
  • #233 Improve error message for empty active window callback parameters.
  • #413 Option to disable the auto bootstrap of the queue command in conflict siutations.
  • #409 Bootstrap the native Yii Queue console command in order to use run and listen commands.

2.3.0 (12. November 2019)

  • #394 Do not run fake cronjob for admin queue if it was not enabled by module's config.
  • #407 Add new ngrest raw plugin which won't change input/output.
  • #404 NgRest API delete action use ngRestFind() instead of find().
  • #395 New Active Window to delete tags.
  • #401 Fixed logout bug for users without file permission.
  • #397 i18nAttributeFallbackValue() require to run the onFind() context of the given attribute plugin in order to ensure plugin specific options like markdown.
  • #389 Do not throw an exception by default when pool identifier does not exists in the list of pools.
  • #403 Use ngRestFind() method for duplicate button instead of find().

2.2.2 (23. October 2019)

  • #388 Fixed bug when using DuplicateActiveButton with properties which resolve an object in the after find event.
  • #383 Added beforeListFind callable property for ngrest plugins.

2.2.1 (3. October 2019)

  • #373 Added new methods to batch insert tag relations, ensure tag relation table does not contain db prefix when saving.
  • #370 Added new zaa-tag-array directive which generates an array of selected tag ids assigned to the model.
  • #369 Added toggleRelation option for Tags model and common api to toggle tags on a certain item.
  • #367 Fixed bug with checkbox properties and default values in admin context.

2.2.0 (17. September 2019)

When you make Api Requests trough Api Users, turn on apiUserAllowActionsWithoutPermissions on order to allow access to actions without permissions entry (behavior of version 2.1 and below) or add permissions, read more in the Upgrade document. This change was required in order to make Api Users more secure.


  • #358 Forbid the call of actions without permission entries when authorized as Api User. Along with this permission improvement both RestActiveController and RestController now perform an beforeAction() check against actionPermissions() or permissionRoute().


  • #363 Fixed bug when display package infos in LUYA Developer mode.
  • #2 Fixed UX issue with none clickable clock icon.
  • #356 Hide NgRest attribute groups when no fields are contained.
  • #361 Disabled tag filter bar when any filter is active.
  • #343 Fixed bug with migrations when using PostgreSQL.


  • #339 Show public download link to file in file manager detail view.
  • #340 Added new authentification system for JWT based on ApiUser.
  • #338 Toggle button for ngRestModel to switch between enable and disable status.

2.1.0 (22. July 2019)


  • #334 Fixed bug where api overview does not display correct permission values for given API user.
  • #254 Do not reset imageArray when using createImage() this fixes a bug when using applyFilter inside a foreach.


  • #332 CheckboxRelationActiveQuery should not populate any relation data on find.
  • #328 Empty default selection for "new value" in scheduler overlay.


  • #336 Added new identifier() method for page properties.
  • #333 Allow caching of language data until data is modified.
  • #331 Add new relation property for SelectRelationActiveQuery.

2.0.3 (25. June 2019)


  • #326 Revamped pagination to provide a better user experience.


  • #234 File manager stores page and sort field into local storage to retrieve later.
  • #321 Dump none scalar values in user summary active window.
  • #317 Fixed bug with flickering of data list after update item on a certain page.


  • #325 Added Angular::schedule() helper to build scheduler tag for a given attribute.
  • #312 New zaa directive zaa-json-object in order to generate a json object with key value pairing.
  • #318 Enable scheduling for toggleStatus ngrest plugin.

2.0.2 (13. June 2019)


  • #314 Fixed bug where schedule coult not find items when override default ActiveRecord find() method.
  • #316 Fixed a bug where tempnam() throws a php notice since php 7.1 and higher.


  • #315 Added property for login controller in order to display an background image on the login screen.

2.0.1 (29. May 2019)


  • #309 Updated Material Design Icons to v47.


  • #310 Fixed bug with double brackets in user history summary Active Window.
  • #311 Fix problem with findOne() inside Active Windows.
  • #306 Fixed bug zaaSelect directive in checking if a values exists in optinos.
  • #305 Fixed bug with module context in Api Users overview Active Window.
  • #304 Hide tags title in file manager detail when no tags available.
  • #303 Show message if a crud view has no entries yet.

2.0.0 (27. May 2019)

This release contains new migrations and requires to run the migrate command after updating. Check the UPGRADE document to read more about breaking changes.


  • #263 Moved angularjs-datepicker from vendor to vendorlibs. Fixed the "today" issue & updated colors.
  • #293 Added new request log table for api calls in order to make metrics about request, this must be enabled in the admin area.
  • #46 Updated bootstrap to 4.3.1.
  • #268 Deprecated classes, methods and properties has been removed.
  • #261 Add ngRestFind() for none $is_api_user Users.
  • #210 New tag translation option.
  • #140 Generic Scheduler with Yii Queue integration. The queue is triggered by fake job (frontend) or via cronjob console command.
  • #61 The initvalue attribute of Select plugins is now by default null instead of 0. This is needed cause the require validator won't handle 0 as empty until you configure isEmpty option.
  • #260 All tables and queries include database prefix option {{%}}.
  • #104 NgRestModel behaviors are attached in constructor instead of behaviors() method.


  • #302 Updated spacing for luya-subnav + content.
  • #245 Fixed highlight of rows after update and new insert in CRUD.
  • #294 Fixed bug when replace a file with images.
  • #291 Fixed search and sub folder behavior in file manager.
  • #278 ToggleStatus plugin initValue=1 not displayed at frontend
  • #62 Two-digit display of minutes in datetime fields.
  • #239 Hide i18n flags when no i18n field is configured, also hide in list view as its not possible to toggle in this context.
  • #273 Fixed a bug where canceling of the folder renaming where not restoring the old folder name.
  • #258 NgRest Crud search with pagination problem fixed.
  • #226 Fixed search indicator
  • #267 I18n::decodeFindActive returned empty value for explicitly selected lang
  • #275 Search for file IDs in file manager.


  • #300 Added new reload button option and split cache and window reload buttons into two.
  • #240 New notification system for visited CRUD views.
  • #213 Added noscript message and <=IE9 warning.
  • #288 Filemanager add file id in tooltip.
  • #225 Added configuration for default behavior with inline disposition when uploading new files.
  • #289 Added new input field methods checkbox, checkboxList, radioList, imageUpload, fileUpload, date and datetime picker.
  • #283 The possibility to extend standard ngrest crud views
  • #236 Added multiple menu entries and CRUD view for same models (data pools).
  • #228 New sortField attribute option for plugins.
  • #94 Required CRUD fields are now highlight as bold text.
  • #277 Using to compile admin resources.
  • #205 CRUD search works now in filters and relation calls, sorting and pagination works in searching.
  • #216 File manager file detail view provides option to tag files.
  • #259 SelectRelationActiveQuery supports related i18n label fields
  • #253 Added command action to reset password for users via cli.
  • #270 Custom date format for date plugin in listing.
  • #271 Proxy with different database connection.

1.2.3 (21. November 2018)


  • #248 Changed file upload response status code on error.


  • #249 Add image upload endpoint.
  • #247 Add new option to enable API caching by defining a cache dependency for the API.
  • #18 Active Buttons for NgRest.
  • #238 Storage image models rename methods.
  • #230 Add WYSIWYG NgRest plugin.
  • #232 Add tooltip option to load content from xhr request.
  • #235 Add Injector NgRest plugin.


  • #243 Fix issue when file id is not a numeric value.
  • #242 Reset add form values when saving.
  • #241 Fix problem with composite key detecting.
  • #221 Fixed problem with zaa slug directive when editing existing value.
  • #231 Ensure Loggable behavior only runs when admin module exists. (8. October 2018)

  • #211 Try to load all images in crud list in one request and access them trough images service afterwards.
  • #222 Do not lock data on ngrest view if api user.
  • #223 Removed auto expand of fields join with withRelation() in API ViewAction as it can make problem with sub relations. Use expand instead.
  • #212 Ensure search action for ngrest is used trough get param instad of post.
  • #137 Fixed issue with search and timeout.
  • #217 Added possibility to set if will be grouped items expanded or not when is table shown.

1.2.2 (3. September 2018)


  • #137 Rewritten the file system in order to support large amount of data, therefore images create an xhr request for every file info, instead of preloading those trough data-files directive. This is can be slower for small system, but is much faster for systems with over 20k images and files.
  • #160 Renmaed full-response to search.
  • #191 Added angularjs-slider dep; Added pagination directive (uses angularjs-slider) for use in crud and filemanager; Removed old pagination code
  • #184 Changed active and hover color for zaaselect.
  • #159 Refactor generic search behavior to return ActiveQuery object, improved speed and remove global search ngrest api endpoints.
  • #199 Change signature or UserOnline::refreshUser() in order to not track api request in user online system.
  • #192 Enabled pagination for all api responses.
  • #208 Renamed TagsTrait to TaggableTrait and TagsActiveWindow to TaggableActiveWindow, changed getTags() to a relation definition which can be preloaded.


  • #209 Polish translations for admin and core modules.
  • #207 New option to whitelist extensions for file uploads.
  • #200 Crud generator command asks for sql table instead of model. Also Updated the gii generator methods.
  • #197 Added dutch language, thanks to @mahkali
  • #74 Added index for FK fields.
  • #188 Renamed CallbackFormWidget to ActiveWindowFromWidget, added initValue() method and new dropDownSelect method.
  • #183 Added i18nWhere() for ngrest models and json fields.
  • #179 Added angular evaluation ngrest plugin to run angular code inside lists and forms.
  • #174 Implementation of new luya base module $apiRules.
  • #164 Turkish translations for admin and core modules.
  • #161 NgRest CRUD exporter provides now the option to download xlsx.
  • #157 Added getTitle() method for Active Windows in order to provide model context modal titles.


  • #186 Add option to display code in wysiwyg editor.
  • #198 Typo in password length information for $minCharLength in ChangePasswordActiveWindow.
  • #202 Changed sorting of image filters.
  • #201 Escape filter name input.
  • #204 Fixed problem with filter generator and chain values.
  • #169 Fixed missing log message in dashboard for deleted records.
  • #177 NgRest SelectModel problem with where statements on the same model class.
  • #172 API users should not have default language from UI.
  • #171 Fixed issue with link label when link has been set already.
  • #70 Added styles and "disabled" click event for the active zaaselect dropdown item
  • #167 NgRest FileArray plugin override the filesystem caption.
  • #156 Do not display API users in global search.
  • #158 Searching in CRUD pagination fallback applied the angular filter, therefore values found in ngRestFullQuerySearch() where hidden by angular filter if they where not in the ngrest list scope.
  • #152 Added proper Content-Type header with MIME type when delivering download files.
  • #166 Fixed bug with old admin user table structure where is_deleted has no default value.

1.2.1 (5. June 2018)


  • #147 Add new read only directive returning the model value.
  • #134 Add new listener option for slug plugin type. Slug plugin can now list to another attribute while typing and transform the value to a slugable string.
  • #128 A new indicator display the amount of time left until the user is logged out automatically. Also every keystroke inside any text field will reset the logout timer to null. No more timeouts while working!
  • #126 Provide option to eager load api model relations.
  • #20 New option --sync-requests-count for proxy command.
  • #142 Proxy command can skip tables with ! negation.
  • #144 Proxy command ask for large table sync.
  • #141 Add telephone option to redirect form.
  • #49 Add autocomplete to text and password fields, implemented password manager annotation in account settings.


  • #133 Cms Page ngrest plugin display now the button to the page on the list overview.
  • #139 Provide new option for ngRestConfigOptions fixes problem where after saving of a new language the language service does not reload.
  • #135 Fixed login problem when connecting with ipv6 address.
  • #129 Fixed problem when ngrest plugin try to write in object property instead of active record attribute.
  • #125 Detach cruft behavior for global search response.
  • #132 Fixed validation error on single file upload with the StorageUploadValidator.
  • #101 Proxy command disable now FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS, UNIQUE_CHECKS and SQL_MODE while data sync.
  • #20 Proxy command need now less memory and a bit faster.

1.2.0 (17. May 2018)

This release contains new migrations and requires to run the migrate command after updating. Check the UPGRADE Document.


  • #122 Change base file system signature in order to support external file systems like amazon S3.
  • #121 Reduce the xhr response content for admin images and files in order to speedup admin usage.
  • #118 Updated outline-config default styles; Added btn--active class to force hover status
  • #33 Updated textarea min-height from 46 to 86px
  • #93 Unparseable cruft is enabled by default and uses the angular js built in json encoding mechanism to remove the prepend string.
  • #90 Minification and Uglification of angularjs files requires strict di.
  • #69 Remove deprecated luya\admin\helpers\I18n methods.
  • #123 Improved storage filter chain model.


  • #113 Add option to configure ngrest attribute conditions when to display/hide a given field based on another field.
  • #64 Add option to configure the file delivery (download or display in browser).
  • #27 Filemanager file detail option to rename the original download file name.
  • #64 Whether file should be download or display in browser.
  • #100 Option to configure the max idle time of an user until logout.
  • #86 When a user changes the email, a token will be sent to the old email which has to be entered in order to change the email.
  • #85 Added option to limit login attempts from session and for when the email is detected correctly. This reduce the possibility to brute force any login credentials. The 2FA security token lifetime can be configured. When the login password is false, the login fields are cleared out.


  • #119 Fixed bug with falsely commited migration file in version
  • #111 Fixed scroll-behavior for file detail view (filemanager).
  • #102 Fixed bug with empty attributes_json in NgRest logger for delete actions.
  • #80 Added roboto Latin (+Extended), Cyrillic (+Extended), Greek (+Extended), Vietnamese. (12. April 2018)

  • #23 Fix issue with not writable attributes on assign.

1.1.1 (11. April 2018)


  • #89 Added module property strongPasswordPolicy to enable strong passwords for admin users. Each password must have lower, upper, digit, number and a special char with a min length of 8 chars.


  • #91 Remove spell check for filemanager upload button.
  • #92 Add option to bind values while storage querys in order to fix imageArray captions in NgRest plugin.
  • #88 Clean up change password fields after validation error or success.
  • #87 Fixed bug when change the password.
  • #83 Provide after assign event for NgRest plugins.
  • #77 Ensure if user has edit permissions in order to trigger the interactive toggleStatus plugin.
  • #76 Create random access token when creating new user in order to prevent unique column exception.

1.1.0 (26. March 2018)

This release contains new migrations and requires to run the migrate command after updating. Check the UPGRADE Document.


  • #64 Added migration for content disposition.
  • #66 Provide option to whitelist mimetypes for admin file upload.
  • #58 New api user level to make system api calls. Provide basic endpoint overview and tester.
  • #59 NgRest log events are now tracked by the log behavior.
  • #56 User summary active window with diff view, sessions and user infos.


  • #68 Fixed caching problem with Yii verison 2.0.14.
  • #67 Fixed issue where CRUD loader (relation button) can not edit items.
  • #1571 If Active Window label/icon from config is given ues this instead of object defaultLabel and defaultIcon.
  • #69 Fixed i18n helper naming, mark old methods as deprecated, add language option.

1.0.3 (13. February 2018)


  • #47 Fixed issue with decoding json page property values.
  • #40 Apply chart dashboard styling according to cards element.


  • #50 Added DummyFileSystem class to fake storage system.

1.0.2 (20. January 2018)


  • #40 Added the ChartDashboardObject whit echarts.js
  • #44 Provide packages from LUYA composer plugin (installer.php) for developer toolbar and remote admin endpoint.


  • #38 Fixed ActiveWindow render composition keys problem with PHP 7.2.
  • #42 Fixed logout item click behaviour in mainnav tooltip.

1.0.1 (5. January 2018)


  • #34 Added chinese translations.


  • #36 Fixed bug in NgRestRelation ActiveQuery link source identification.
  • #30 Fixed non-unique input fields in account overview.
  • #5 Fixed issue where modal body listenere could have negativ values and therefore the modal still exists on element which has been closed by esc key.
  • #7 Repair login input label click function
  • #1 Improve event listener for floating labels at login input

1.0.0 (12. December 2017)

  • First stable release.