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This document will help you upgrading from a LUYA admin module version into another. For more detailed informations about the breaking changes click the issue detail link, there you can examples of how to change your code.

from 4.8 to 4.9

  • #744 Make sure you have a valid cache component registered to use the LUYA admin CRUD export system. If large tables are exported, the caching system must support such data sizes, the file or redis cache component supports large amounts of data.

from 4.4 to 4.5

  • #726 With the new replaced jwt auth library (which is required in order to support php 8.1) we use lcobucci/jwt v4 which massivly changed the API. Therfore the main change for LUYA users is that Lcobucci\JWT\Token has been replaced with Lcobucci\JWT\Token\Plain. The signature of luya\admin\base\JwtIdentityInterface has changed from: loginByJwtToken(Lcobucci\JWT\Token $token) to loginByJwtToken(Lcobucci\JWT\Token\Plain $token) and in order to to claim the user id in the login process you have to use $userId = $token->claims()->get('uid'); instead of $userId = $token->getClaim('uid');. Take a look at the JWT Guide Diff

from 4.2 to 4.3

  • #702 The ngRestExport() method will be used to sort and restrict all sortable attributes. This means, if ngRestExport() is defined, only the attributes in the array will be available in the export, but therfore and order of the export is equals to the defintion list in ngRestExport().

from 4.1 to 4.2

  • Invert the modules order in your config file (e.g. config.php) to preserve the old admin menu order.


'modules' => [
   /*...*/, // bottommost module in admin menu
   'admin' => [ /*...*/ ],
   'cmsadmin' => [ /*...*/ ], // topmost module in admin menu


'modules' => [
   'cmsadmin' => [ /*...*/ ], // topmost module in admin menu
   'admin' => [ /*...*/ ],
   /*...*/, // bottommost module in admin menu

from 3.x to 4.0

  • Run the migrate command, as new migrations are available.
  • Admin 4.0 requires luya core 2.0, which is part of the new minimum requirement.
  • #601 The luya\admin\events\FileDownloadEvent::$file does not recieve a luya\admin\file\Item anymore, instead its a luya\admin\models\StorageFile Active Record model instead.
  • #634 Removed deprecated properties and methods
    • luya\admin\Module::$assets removed
    • luya\admin\Module::$moduleMenus removed
    • luya\admin\Module::setJsTranslations() removed
  • #599 The base filesystem requires a new method to send a file as stream (resource). Therefore fileSystemStream() must be implemented if you have any custom file system.

from 3.6 to 3.7

  • #576 Using the yii\mutex\MysqlMutex over yii\mutex\FileMutex as default mutex handler for admin queue components. This is due to less file permission conflicts when running cli consoles and runtime folder. In order to ensure the old behavior use the configuration below:
'modules' => [
    'admin' => [
        'class' => 'luya\admin\Module',
        'queueMutexClass' => 'yii\mutex\FileMutex',

from 3.1 to 3.2

  • #484 Changed applyFilter() method signature in class luya\admin\modles\StorageFilterChain from applyFilter($loadFromPath, $imageSavePath) to applyFilter(ImageInterface $image, array $saveOptions). Since version 3.2 the applyFilter requires an instance of Imagine\Image\ImageInterface and returns an array containing two elements, the image object and the saving options. This method is internally used to apply the filter chain and is typically not used in an application. If you are, for some reason, calling this method update to the new signature.

from 2.x to 3.0

  • Run the migrate command, as new migrations are available.
  • Deprecated class can() has been removed. (#429)

from 2.1 to 2.2

  • The {{luya\admin\Module::$apiUserAllowActionsWithoutPermissions}} disables the access for none permission protected actions by default. This means that actions which does not have a permission system entry (like the global search) are disabled unless $apiUserAllowActionsWithoutPermissions is enabled. This ensures the Api Users which can be used for SPA applications won't have access to system APIs.
  • As {{luya\admin\base\RestActiveController::can()}} is deprecated you should define those permissions in {{luya\admin\base\RestActiveController::actionPermissions()}} instead. Assuming your code was looking like this:
public function actionLogin()
    // ... code of login

Remove the can() part and define in actionPermissions() instead:

public function actionPermissions()
    return [
        'login' => Auth::CAN_UPDATE,

from 1.2 to 2.0

  • The table-responsive-wrapper class got removed and replaced by the Bootstrap version of responsive tables: Make sure to update your Markup accordingly.
  • Change version constraint as we follow semver (from ~1.2 to ^2.0)
  • Change the ngRestRelation apiEndpoint to targetModel. From 'apiEndpoint' => Sale::ngRestApiEndpoint() to 'targetModel' => Sale::class inside of ngRestRelations().
  • #268 Deprecated classes and methods haven been removed:
    • luya\admin\aws\TagActiveWindow replaced by luya\admin\aws\TaggableActiveWindow
    • luya\admin\importers\StorageImporter
    • luya\admin\models\StorageImage::getThumbnail() replaced by luya\admin\models\StorageImage::getTinyCropImage()
    • luya\admin\ngrest\aw\ActiveField replaced by luya\admin\ngrest\aw\ActiveWindowFormField
    • luya\admin\ngrest\aw\CallbackFormWidget replaced by luya\admin\ngrest\aw\ActiveWindowFormWidget
    • luya\admin\traits\TagsTrait replaced by luya\admin\traits\TaggableTrait

from 1.1 to 1.2

  • This release contains the new migrations. The migrations are requried in order to make the admin module more secure. Therefore make sure to run the ./vendor/bin/luya migrate command after composer update.
  • #90 Due to uglification of all javascrip files, the angularjs strict di mode is enabled. Therefore change angular controllers from .controller(function($scope) { ... }) to .controller(['$scope', function($scope) { }]). Read more about strict di: or
  • #69 Removed deprecated luya\admin\helpers\I18n::decodeActive use luya\admin\helpers\I18n::decodeFindActive instead. Removed deprecated luya\admin\helpers\I18n::::decodeActiveArray use luya\admin\helpers\I18n::decodeFindActiveArray instead.
  • #122 Signature change of base file system. If you are using a custom file system you should take a look at the issue description!

from 1.0 to 1.1

  • This release contains the new migrations which are required for the user and file table. Therefore make sure to run the ./vendor/bin/luya migrate command after composer update.