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This document will help you upgrading from a LUYA Version into another. For more detailed informations about the breaking changes click the issue detail link, there you can examples of how to change your code.

1.0.0 (in progress)

  • #1109 All blocks deliverd from the LUYA core modules are marked as final so you are not able to extend from those blocks. Make sure you extend from the luya\cms\base\Block class.

As we merged migrations files from older beta releases, you can find all delete files in the following commit.

1.0.0-RC2 (29. Nov 2016)

The issues below can lead into problems when upgrading to 1.0.0-RC2.

  • #1070 Renamed methods of the block interface. Change getBlockGroup() to blockGroup().
  • #1058 Removed all massive assigned vars, cfgs, extras and placeholders from the PHP Block view.
  • #1069 Removed CMS Block assets propertie in order to reduce RAM usage and follow Yii guidelines in order to register assets.
  • #1068 Cms Block zaa() helper methods moved to \luya\cms\helpers\BlockHelper and marked methods as deprecated.
  • #1045 Admin modules getMenu() method must return an luya\admin\components\AdminMenuBuilder object instead of an array. A deprecated message is triggered when using the old menu builder functions.
  • #1067 The itemApi routes newls uses / (slashes) as delmiter instead of -: Old: itemApi('label', 'admin-user-index') new itemApi('label', 'admin/user/index') in your Module.php
  • #1075 Frontend and Admin Controller and Module assets can not be stored in the $assets property of a module or controller any more.

1.0.0-RC1 (04.10.2016)

As part of this release all module will be renamed. Frontend and admin module will be merged together. All module classes will get the prefix luya. So in order to upgrade your current modules, filters, blocks, blockgroups, models, etc. you have to rename a lot of classes of your project files:

old new
cmsadmin\... luya\cms\admin\...
cms\... luya\cms\frontend\...
admin\... luya\admin\...

Search and replace examples:

search replace
cms\helpers\TagParser luya\TagParser
cms\helpers\Url luya\cms\helpers\Url
cmsadmin\base\Block luya\cms\base\TwigBlock
\admin\ngrest\base\Api \luya\admin\ngrest\base\Api
\admin\Module \luya\admin\Module
\admin\ngrest\base\Model \luya\admin\ngrest\base\NgRestModel
\admin\ngrest\base\Controller \luya\admin\ngrest\base\Controller
\admin\base\Filter \luya\admin\base\Filter
\admin\base\RestController \luya\admin\base\RestController
\admin\base\Controller \luya\admin\base\Controller
\admin\ngrest\base\ActiveWindow \luya\admin\ngrest\base\ActiveWindow
  • #970: Renamed rest classes luya\rest\BehaviorInterface, luya\rest\BehaviorTrait, luya\rest\BaseActiveController
  • #972: Renamed all modules to match luya prefix as described from the table above.
  • #976: Removed $isCoreModule property, replaced width CoreModuleInterface.
  • #974: Removed $isAdmin property, replaced with AdminModuleInterface.
  • #875: TagParser has been renamed to luya\TagParser instead of cms\helpers\TagParser and is now a core class.
  • #806: Renamed to configs/server.php to configs/env.php, new projects will also have the env prefix for the config names.

Update tag for internal links

The tag for internal links has changed from link[32] (where 32 is the id of the linked page) to menu[32]. To replace all occurrences, you can search and replace within the field json_config_valuesof the table cms_nav_item_page_block_item with the following regular expression:

Search for: link\[([0-9]+)\]
Replace with: menu[$1]

Be sure to make a backup of the database beforehand!

1.0.0-beta8 (11.08.2016)

  • #940: The admin\base\Filter class for all filters requers now a public static identifier() method instead of a none static method.
  • #907: Removed the public attribute $extraFields in order to prevent confusings. Override extraFields() instead in admin\ngrest\base\Model.

1.0.0-beta7 (released 20.06.2016)

  • #860: As part of using the Yii2 imagine Extension we removed the Resize-Effect Filter chain and renamed the Thumbnail-Effect option type to mode.
  • #877: all NgRest base model does have function public function ngRestApiEndpoint() and defines the api endpoint. This method is now static. So use public static function ngRestApiEndpoint() instead.
  • #875: As part of the tag Parser rework, the helper method to parse luya tags (links, etc.) cms\helpers\Parser::encode($text) has been changed to cms\helpers\TagParser::convert($text).

1.0.0-beta6 (released 21.04.2016)

We have moved all repositories to the new HQ of LUYA, luyadev instead of zephir. In order to to update your packages, remove zephir and replace with luyadev in your composer require section.

  • #833: Command controller in console is deprecated use default route behavior instead module/controller/action, run action will find the module commands namespace controllers if available in the config.

  • #818: Since 1.0.0-beta6 we have added the versions concept of luya pages you have to run once the command ./vendor/bin/luya cmsadmin/updater/versions after executing the migration process.

  • #807: The NgRest plugin system has been rewritten to use the yii component base class, as therefore some plugin configuration has changed as the are not using the constructor any more instead are configurable via base object of the class properties. changes:

    • selectClass has ben renamed to selectModel.
    • constructor calls are not allowed and has to be defined as following:
      • ['selectModel', 'modelClass' => path\to\Genres::className(), 'valueField' => 'id', 'labelField' => 'title']]
      • ['selectArray', 'data' => [1 => 'Male', 2 => 'Female']]
      • ['checkboxList', 'data' => [1 => 'Male', 2 => 'Female']]
      • ['checkboxRelation', 'model' => User::className(), 'refJoinTable' => 'admin_user_group', 'refModelPkId' => 'group_id', 'refJoinPkId' => 'user_id', 'labelFields' => ['firstname', 'lastname', 'email'], 'labelTemplate' => '%s %s (%s)']
  • #758: Due to replacement of twig, cms layout files must be a phpfile instead of a twig file. The following file main.twig would be new main.php, file content compare: old:



    <div><?= $placeholders['content']; ?></div>
  • #771: As we have removed the LUYA module as module and use it as library you have to remove the luya\Module in your application. But when you are using the CMS-Module you must bootstrap it instead, by adding a new entry in your application config settings: php 'bootstrap' => [ 'cms', ],
  • #809: Soft delete admin trait public static method SoftDeleteValues has ben renamed to FieldStateDescriber.
  • #791: As we removed the LUYA module, the luya core library is now availabel trough the composer package luyadev/luya-core instead of using zephir/luya. You can also remove the luya composer package from your require section as it should be defined as dependencie of the modules. As part of this change you now have to bootstrap the cms module in the bootstrap section of your config.
  • #780: In terms of Yii2 controller view render behavior consistency:
    • removed $useModuleViewPath property of luya\web\Controller.
    • removed $controllerUseModuleViewPath property of luya\base\Module replaced with $useAppViewPath.
  • #777 The suffix (ActiveWindow) is now removed from the folders where the view files are located:

    • before: MyTestActiveWindow folder for view files: views/<locator>/mytestactivewindow
    • after: MyTestActiveWindow folder for view files: views/<locator>/mytest.
  • #822: #822 zaa-checkbox-array renamed variables.

    changed options from zaa-checkbox-array in ngrest directive from:
    options.items[] = { "id" : 1, "value" => 'Label for Value 1' }
    options.items[] = { "value" : 1, "label" => 'Label for Value 1' }